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WP Engine Review – Managed WordPress Hosting Provider

WP Engine Review Summary

WP Engine helps you take your business faster with the first of its kind WordPress Digital Experience Platform. The WP Engine reviews claim that this is the best hosting provider and the fantastic developer experience that it has been offering over the years is a proven fact of this. Further, the unparalleled speed, 100% reliable architecture, scalability, and security of your website from all possible threats, have made this the number one choice for bloggers and businesses today. As per the WP Engine Reviews, a major chunk of the success of this hosting platform can be attributed to The four pillars of WP Engine which are agility, performance, intelligence, and integrations. So, with WP Engine, you can easily setup your sites, enjoy stress free launches, ensure hassle free workflows, and get an effortless maintenance from the support staff, if needed.


  1. With the WP Engine security, you are secured and safe
  2. WP Engine servers are optimized just for WordPress websites hence fast loading
  3. The proprietary front-end layer system of the WP Engine is extremely capable of handling the sudden rise in traffic
  4. WordPress Expert Support staff of WP Engine is extremely capable of handling your queries round the clock.
  5. There is no doubt about the popularity of the WP Engine proof is the rave reviews that it has got from the agencies, companies and the customers.
  6. WP Engine is well-optimized for WordPress users
  7. Simplified process of managing your website
  8. Provides solid, consistent performance
  9. 60-day money back guarantee
  10. Site staging included as a standard feature
  11. Automated site migration plug-in
  12. Automatic daily backups and plug-in updates
  13. Malware scanning and firewall protection
  14. Unlimited monthly data transfers


  1. WP Engine has some disallowed plugins
  2. No Domain Registrations
  3. Comparison to the shared hosting, the WP Engine is far more expensive
  4. Only managed hosting on shared servers or the dedicated servers on the custom plans is available
  5. The storage as well as the traffic is capped in every hosting plan of the WP Engine.



WP Engine Review

We live in a digital world and in this world every day a several thousand websites get launched. A lot of these websites are launched on the WordPress platform. However, it can bring your website and you a lot of trouble, if you did not give a requisite thought onto the hosting provider chosen for your website before its launch.



There are a number of hosting providers such as namesheap, GoDaddy, cloudways, and others. Of course you can rely on these platforms. However, in the arena of the wordpress hosting providers, there’s another name that has earned a lot of fame in the past few years. Yes, we are talking about the WP Engine. This is an incredible wordpress hosting provider which works in a single domain of wordpress hosting and offers an exceptional value at a very budget friendly rate.


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So, if you are planning to host your new blog or website on WP Engine, this WP Engine review can be exceptionally helpful for you. It is definitely an amazing host. Here in this review, we’ll cover both the positives and the negatives of the WP Engine and give you the most amazing plan for your choice of website. Keep reading below to know why we talk so highly of WP Engine!



WP Engine Review: Why it has its name in wordpress website hosting?

Not a lot of you might have used a WordPress specific host, but WP Engine is an amazing host which offers managed plans which are fully optimized for the platform. Despite having a humongous competition both in the arena of managed WordPress hosting as well as the general hosting, the WP Engine is still at the top in the market because of its vast features. Today, they have a massive recognition given the cutting edge features that they come endowed with.


wp engine review


WP Engine Review: Why to choose WP Engine for wordpress specific hosting?

In the current scenario, when you wish to host a WordPress site, you know that there are a bountiful of options available for you to choose from. However, before you settle with any hosting provider, you ought to look out for the benefits or pros associated with the said provider. So, here are some of the primary reasons why we are recommending the WP Engine for your blog or website. Do read them to make an informed and a viable choice.

  • Security: With the use of the WP Engine, the WordPress security issues are well taken care of.
  • Speed: Using the WP Engine, the scaling can be up to 10x faster.
  • Support: The WP Engine offers you handy, WordPress-specific support option.
  • Tools: There are a multitude of WordPress-specific tools available with the WP Engine.
  • A Staging environment: With the WP Engine, you can easily spot mistakes before your customers do.

Get 3 months free when you sign up for WP Engine.


Features of WP Engine

Here, let’s read through some of the features of the WP Engine which makes it a fine choice for the WordPress websites.

  1. Over 500,000 digital experiences are powered by WP Engine today.
  2. A minimum of 5% of the users online have at least one experience with WP Engine on every day basis.
  3. With the WP Engine, over 2 Million attacks are blocked every day.
  4. It has a trusted customer base of more than 120,000 customers spread across 140 countries who have chosen WP Engine for a remarkable digital experience.
  5. WP Engine is endowed with CDN for an incredibly faster loading of your sites.
  6. WP Engine has some magnificent and premium WordPress Themes for you to choose from.
  7. With WP Engine, you get a no questions asked, 60 day money back guarantee.


Why is WP Engine called to be Best Managed WordPress Hosting Provider? An Honest WP Engine Review.

A lot of you are now wondering that why are we referring to WP Engine as the best managed WordPress host when there are a bountiful of other options available in the market? Fret not, we’ll help tell you why, just keep reading.


The most important reasons for you to migrate your WordPress site to the WP Engine are:

  • Brilliant Performance that it delivers
  • Lightning Fast Speed
  • Assured peace of Mind
  • 100% reliability.

However, why would you take our word for it, right? So, to give you an assurance there is a massive line up of 120,000+ customers spread in over 125 countries who are with us on this and are hosting their websites with WP Engine without any hassle.



Of course today, there are a number of companies who promise the best managed WordPress hosting services. But are they all capable of delivering it? Well, frankly No!


However, the reason why we have our trust on WP Engine is because it has a 150+ strong support team which has your back 24/7/365. Further, the research and the development team associated with more than 100 WordPress experts are working day in and day out to ensure that the servers of the WP Engine are constantly running fast and your websites stay safe and secure. In addition to all this, WP Engine also delivers new tools and integrations to ensure that you are getting the most perfect WordPress experience.


Get 3 months free when you sign up for WP Engine.


Now, to put all of this in perspective, you might have noted that a lot of hosting providers who claim to give you a perfectly managed hosting services just employ around 3 to 35 employees in total. Do you think these many employees are enough to provide the level of support, technical assistance and the performance, that your business needs? We fear, not!


So, with WP Engine, the managed hosting has been made really easy. It removes the headache and hassle of a WordPress hosting from the customer. The trained technical support staff of the WP Engine is there to help the customers at all steps along the way. From the small to the top level companies, the WP Engine is capable of providing the assistance that you need without any hassle.


Features of Managed wordpress hosting with WP Engine

Blazing fast site speed With WP Engine, you can efficiently and conveniently update your website with fresh assets. Further by making use of the WordPress content management system (CMS), publishing new content is incredibly easy. This is also the fastest growing CMS which is today used by more than 30% of the entire web. Moreover, more than 60% of the websites today make use of CMS. With WP Engine you get a blazing fast WordPress hosting that has been designed to work well with this platform.


Security from Over 150 million attacks – When it comes to the technical aspects of hosting a website, with WP Engine, you have nothing to worry about. The engineers of the WP Engine continually work on the site security while coming up with several additional features which accentuate the intelligence, tools and performance for your site.


Site Scaling is fun with WP Engine – Now, with the use of the WP Engine, you are sure to achieve the best-in-class, enterprise-grade scalable architecture, irrespective of the size. It, keeps on working continually to ensure that maximum performance is achieved by you.


Further, WP Engine brings to you three primary types of the managed wordpress hosting solutions depending on the type of the website you have. So, when your work can be well achieved in $100 why should you be spending $1000 on it.


The hosting solutions that you get with WP Engine are listed here as follows. Let’s read through them one by one.



WP Engine Review based on Managed WordPress Hosting for SMBs

WP Engine works as a catalyst that helps you take your business to new heights by giving you a remarkable online presence. This digital platform really helps your small or a medium sized business to grow to its full potential every day.


wp engine review for managed wordpress hosting


Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting of WP Engine for SMBs

  • Increase value: The power packed and knowledgeable service and the tech support are designed to help you scale.
  • Perform expertly: The WP Engine comes with a reliable architecture which helps you maintain an online presence.
  • Stand out: It offers you assistance that lets you improve your experience online with its actionable data.
  • Grow revenue: Lastly by using the WP Engine, you can be assured of seeing a growth in your revenue given how this platform helps you work on your conversion rate, bounce rates and SEO friendliness of the website.


Get 3 months free when you sign up for WP Engine.



WP Engine Review – Why opt for the Managed WordPress hosting for SMBs with WP Engine?

Bring your vision to life

WP Engine helps you let your imagination run free and wild. So, even if you do not have a developer to build your site, with WP Engine you got nothing to worry. The vast ecosystem of themes, theme providers, agencies and the developers of the WP Engine, all have your back. Using the assistance from them, you can create a turnkey or custom digital experiences which can perfectly accelerate the growth of your business.



Play with the big guys

WP Engine has partnered with several big players of the market like the Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. These will help you provide an exciting and an affordable range of enterprise-grade solutions which assure a blazing fast, highly secure, scalable and a reliable experience. The WP Engine has optimized the Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform for WordPress. So, you have nothing to do there. So, whatever time you save here, you can use it for ensuring the growth of your business.



Leverage the WordPress experts

WP Engine is continually ensuring that your hosting is configured properly for your business. This is necessary to ensure that your website supports a real-time security and is capable of threat detection. Further, you get the free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates, the Ever Cache proprietary caching technology along with a global CDN, all with a simple cost with WP Engine. WP Engine also helps you manage the patches WordPress and keeps your platform updated. So, with WP Engine working for you, you’ll always be at peace and continually work towards taking your business forward.



Access 24/7/365 support

With the WP Engine award winning technical assistance that includes an average less-than-three-minute response time for chat, you get an all-round support whenever you have an any queries regarding the performance of your website. WP Engine always keeps you prepared for success and with the technical on boarding and launch readiness assessments, you will not have any hassle in solving even the most challenging questions of the WordPress. So, anytime, you experience a critical issue with your site, (which you’ll most likely never face), reach out to the support staff of WP Engine and they’ll guide you.



WP Engine Review of Enterprise WordPress Hosting

With WP Engine, you get a transformative wordpress experience. So, just like for the SMBs, for the enterprise hosting too, WP Engine is incredibly useful and assures a breakthrough experience. So, be assured of the results that you have long been aiming for by using the only enterprise WordPress platform of the WP Engine.


Benefits of using the Enterprise WordPress hosting with WP Engine


  • Gain agility: The Enterprise WordPress hosting with WP Engine helps you reach out to the market faster with its nimble platform.
  • Perform flawlessly: With WP Engine, when it matters the most, for your website and also for your business.
  • Boost engagement: With the right use of the data, WP Engine will help you elevate your experience.
  • Secure experiences: Using the hosting of the WP Engine, your site stays protected at all times with the real-time threat detection feature.


wp engine review for enterprise hosting


WP Engine – Enterprise Performance


WP Engine Review – Why opt for the Enterprise WordPress Hosting with WP Engine?


Accelerate your development process.

With the help of the open-source framework of the WordPress, you can now customize the CMS keeping in view, the needs of your business. Further, WP Engine helps you increase the productivity of your team given features and power packed tools such as Dev, Stage, and Prod Environments, SSH Gateway, and Git integration.


Leave it to the WordPress experts

In here too, WP Engine ensures that your hosting is configured rightly for your business and you get a real time security threat detection, free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates, global CDN and an Ever Cache Proprietary technology. Further, the experts will manage your website and ensure that you always stay a step ahead.


High-performance infrastructure

For the enterprise level too, the partnerships with the big guys like Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services come handy for the growth of your business. WP Engine will optimize both Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services so you don’t have to do all that hard work and you can rather focus your time and energy on innovating.


Free your marketers

Lastly, in the ephemeral and the real world, your marketers require tools which are necessary to help them publish new content and update the assets depending on the development resources. So, when you have the  WordPress which happens to the most used CMS of the world, your team have the freedom and agility, it deserves.



WP Engine Review: Agency WordPress Hosting

With the agency WordPress hosting, you can be ascertain of achieving the results that you are aiming for. Let’s take a look at some of the primary benefits of the WP Engine.


Benefits of the Agency WordPress hosting with WP Engine

  • Accelerate innovation: Using the flexible platform of the WordPress, it is easy to create and launch rapidly.
  • Boost ROI: Using this platform you can definitely make your conversions, bounce rates and SEO performance better.
  • Grow client engagements: This helps you open more revenue streams by landing onto new projects.\
  • Improve profits: Get done with your technology hurdles and reduce the process and the hard work when you have the right support.


review for wp engine agency hosting


WP Engine Review – Why opt for the Agency WordPress hosting with WP Engine? Reviewed Based on Real facts of WP Engine.

Transform ideas into reality

With high end features that you get with tools like Dev, Stage, Prod Environments, SSH Gateway, and Git and SFTP connections along with the technical on boarding and launch readiness assessments, your team will be able to build the websites faster.



Reduce time spent on maintenance

Using the WP Engine you can be assured that your hosting is configured nicely for your business. It further offers you a real time security threat detection, free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates, the Ever Cache proprietary caching technology and a global CDN. All of this and more helps you stay on top of your game at all times.



Leverage the WordPress experts

WP Engine has partnered with several big players of the market like the Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. These will help you provide an exciting and an affordable range of enterprise-grade solutions which assure a blazing fast, highly secure, scalable and a reliable experience. The WP Engine has optimized the Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform for WordPress. So, you have nothing to do there. So, whatever time you save here, you can use it for ensuring the growth of your agency.



Partner and grow

With the WP Engine you have an opportunity to associate your agency into the partner program that will help you achieve your business goals faster. So, from the lead referrals, advanced developer tools to the co-marketing opportunities, WP Engine should be your choice for partner for assuring a remarkable digital experiences on WordPress. It will help you impress your clients and grow your business at the same time.



WP Engine Review: How WP Engine’s managed WordPress Hosting is different from Regular Hosting and VPS Hosting?

There are obviously some differences between the WP Engine managed WordPress Hosting and VPS hosting and the WP Engine managed WordPress Hosting and the regular hosting. Which is better? Which one is safe for which type of site or business? Let’s read and find out!


WP Engine – 3 months free on annual plans!


Managed WordPress Hosting vs Regular Hosting.

For the small business websites or even the personal websites, opting for the regular hosting might seem like the most correct solution. Available at just 1/3 of the price of the managed hosting, it might even seem like an easy choice to make. But what is depicted might often be different from the true reality of things.



So, if you are paying a little higher for your managed wordpress hosting, you are always getting a superior level of services to back it. With the Managed WordPress hosting of the WP Engine, your sites run fast and your servers remain secure at all times. Further, whenever you experience, a technical glitch, you’ll never have to wait for long for the support. When you compare all of the benefits of the managed wordpress hosting to the regular hosting, you can easily determine that the low cost of the regular hosting does comes with a lot of downsides too.



For the business websites, these issues are even more apparent. When your website experiences a downtime for even a split second, it can bring in a massive loss to your business in terms of revenue and potential clients. A slow site is always equivalent to a lost customer. It is a common practice amongst the small business who never really have the time and resources to effectively manage their website to go with the out of date WordPress installs which may bring in a lot of problems for their site and business in the long run. On the other hand, when you have the WP Engine handle your WordPress hosting, you don’t have anything to worry about. With the managed wordpress hosting of the WP Engine your site will always remain up and running.



Managed WordPress Hosting vs VPS Hosting

There are of course some managed hosting services that come in close competition when we compare its cost to the VPS. It may even be tempting to go with a self-managed hosting package. But should you? Let’s find out!



Though the price of the managed wordpress hosting and a VPS hosting might be similar, there is actually no limit on the number of sites with a VPS. So, it is often easy to forget how much of a work can go in keeping a self-managed VPS up to date. When you have a server of your own, you are not only worrying about ensuring that your WordPress is up to date, but you also have to keep PHP and Apache patched and updated as well.



Moreover, when the update is performed, a base server is not optimized for WordPress. In addition to all of this, there are plenty of packages and rules which need to be taken into careful consideration and must be updated regularly to ensure that your website is performing to the best of its ability and stays secure and safe at all times.



Lastly, the final issue which is faced when comparing the managed hosting to a VPS is that the best managed hosting provider will offer you a lot more than just hosting. With the WP Engine Digital Experience Platform you get a staging and a development out of the box, and based on what you opt for, you can provide the content performance analytics, page speed tracking as well as the integration with tools like the New Relic which will assist you in the in-depth server performance tracking.



WP Engine Review based on Technical details of Managed Hosting

For people, who are interested in knowing about the technical details of the WP Engine hosting plans, this section of the review, will be helpful. It will help you answer all your questions relevant to managed hosting of the WP Engine.


Website caching at WP Engine:

This will include the optional object caching  as well as the regular website caching for caching database queries.

  1. Content Delivery Network (CDN): All of the plans of the WP Engine come with the CDN access from Max CDN at no additional cost.
  2. PHP: You get an ability to switch between PHP 5.6, 7 and 7.2.
  3. HTTP/2.0:In use both on the CDN and on the servers.
  4. SSL: You get the free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. Further, you can even import your own certificate or buy one through WP Engine.
  5. SFTP: With your WP Engine, you can create multiple secure FTP accounts in order to access your web space for the editing and the uploading of the files.
  6. Server file manager: There is no online file manager. All you have is the FTP access to your server space.
  7. Database access: phpMyAdmin can be used by you for accessing the WordPress website database via a browser.
  8. Email service:Sadly, there isn’t any email service on any of the plans of the WP Engine.
  9. WordPress website management:All the software updates of the WordPress are installed automatically. However, you can also defer an update for 2 months, if you feel a particular update isn’t required at the given moment. But unfortunately, there are no theme or automatic plugin update.
  10. Plugin restrictions:There are certain disallowed plugins which include the caching, backup, and optimization plugins which can affect website performance.
  11. Security measures:There are certain security measures included to keep your website protected from external threats. For this, the website is scanned for the safety issues like malware and the support team of the WP Engine will take the requisite action if anything untoward is detected.
  12. Post-hack clean-up services:In case, during the duration your website is hosted by WP Engine, it gets hacked, then WP Engine will pay Sucuri to fix it.
  13. Data center locations:The WP Engine has several data centers across the globe. So, you can opt for a server of your choice depending on what’s closest to you from the servers located across US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. Further, all of the servers come with Google Cloud Platform.
  14. Staging sites:All of the plans of the WP Engine include the staging and the development environment along with the production environment using the easy site transfer between the different environments through the user portal interface.
  15. WordPress website migration:With WP Engine, you get a free plugin using which you can migrate your WordPress website to the hosting platform of WP Engine.
  16. Visitor analytics:At all times, with WP Engine you can easily view the data on your website traffic and allocation usage via user portal dashboard.
  17. Uptime checks:At all times, the front end of your website is monitored for downtime. On the other hand, the back end of your website is monitored to ensure that the overall health of your site is maintained. If at any time, an issue is detected, immediate action would be taken.
  18. Support channels:On all the plans of the WP Engine, a 24/7 live chat channel is available. There is also a 24/7 phone support available on all plans except for the entry-level StartUp plan. However, the 24/7 ticket support is reserved only for the top tier custom plans.



WP Engine Review – How WordPress Hosting for developers is different from others? Review based on developer experience with WP Engine.

The WP Engine is extremely helpful for the developers at every step while they are catering to their WordPress projects. It comes equipped with easy setup, fast builds, smooth launches, and effortless maintenance. Further, the accelerated wordpress development kit, developers can easily make the launches for their products.


wp engine review for developers


Features of the WP Engine hosting that the developers get include:

  • Easy setup – This one provides you with a quick and a hassle free one click setup with tools which help you all through the setup.
  • Integrated DevKit – The WP Engine hosting comes packed with an integrated toolkit for developers. This is ideal for fast and better builds.
  • Smooth launches – Using the WP Engine hosting, you can now launch any product with confidence.
  • Effortless maintenance – With the help of the WP Engine hosting, you get powerful admin tools for your website optimization.


Register for the WP Engine DevKit here!


WP Engine Review : How Do I Migrate My Website to WP Engine?

For those of you who already have a WordPress website, but now after reading our WP Engine review have planned to move your wordpress site from another hosting provider to WP Engine, you can do it for free. Yes, on the website of the WP Engine you can view the complete section which will offer you the step by step migration guide through snapshots, videos and easy to follow instructions. However, if you don’t want to do it all, you can make use of the Migration Plugin of the WP Engine which will automate the entire process for you.


wp engine review of migration toolkit


So, after you are on the WP Engine site, you can also see the Migration Checklist. This checklist will give you a guided navigation through the entire process. However, if you have any queries and need one to one assistance, you can anytime contact the support team of the WP Engine and they’ll help you in the migration of your WordPress website.



WP Engine Review for Security Solution of your website

With the WP Engine, you get a Global Edge Security. It is basically a high performance advanced security solution with DDoS protection and a Web Application Firewall (WAF). This Global Edge Security has been designed in order to ensure that your sites stay secure despite delivery a super-fast experience to your customers. Further, with the Global Edge Security, the security benefits that have already been realized by the WP Engine are taken to a whole new level. This includes:

  • two-factor authentication
  • managed core updates, and
  • daily backups.



So, as a customer, you can get a full advantage of the built-in expert rule sets from the combined intelligence of Cloudflare and WP Engine and data from Cloud flare’s 10 million websites. Together all of it will work in order to keep your website free from all the emerging threats. Moreover, with the Global Edge Security, you get the best in class security protection against the DDoS attacks, OWASP security vulnerabilities and the compromised data which might black out the performance of your digital business. This security net is brought to you for ensuring the 100% safety of your website by the leaders in the cloud security and the WordPress.


Protect your brand from cyber attacks

The companies today are getting a massive amount of personal information of the customer. As a result of this, the chance of data loss is also at an all-time high. Though the digital experiences that hosting providers are offering are evolving continually in order to cater to the demands of the customer but that does not stop the nefarious activity of hackers. In lieu of this, the companies today are under a lot of threat of the brand reputation loss as well as the financial loss.



In the year 2017, on an average the cost borne for the repair of the security damage for the enterprise was $2M whereas for the SMBs the amount spent was around $120K per incident. Thus, in order to stay on top of their game where the customers have a massive amount of options to choose from, the brands must today invest in what really matters and that is of course the site performance, strategic insurance policy and the security of the site. Further, with more threat types than what ever existed back then, it is also critical to ensure that at all times, your website and business stays protected for it to grow to its full potential. This can be best achieved with the multi-layer security that is offered by the WP Engine for all of your sites.



On the whole, using the WP Engine security features, you can now accelerate your revenue (and also protect it from the intruders), keep your brand reputation safe and ensure a better performance for the website.



WP Engine Review about Benefits of the Global Edge Security of WP Engine

Some of the benefits of the Global Edge Security of the WP Engine are:

Deflect attacks with managed WAF

With the Global Edge Security, you can now get all the threats blocked and even get automatic updates in order to respond to the potential threats that may be emerging on your website.


Protect business ops with DDoS mitigation

Using the security net of the Global Edge Security, all the attacks will be absorbed in advance and it will ensure that all times your network stays protected.


Speed up application performance

With a CDN which caches on the dynamic and the static content, you can now deliver a much faster content.


Keep hackers at bay with managed web application firewall.

The proper managed WAF includes rule sets which have been tailored and managed in order to protect WordPress by mitigating threats at the edge. However, it is capable of doing a lot more than just blocking of the specific IP addresses or ports. It will inspect the web traffic for signs of XSS or SQL injections. Further, the updates are carried out automatically in order to respond to the emerging threats and minimizing the possible risks from hackers by employing new and improved techniques.


Protect your business assets with DDoS mitigation.

Global Any cast network of the Cloudflare will absorb all the highly distributed attack traffic in order to maintain your presence online. The origin infrastructure of the network is protected by dropping and the detecting of the volumetric attacks at the edge. Further, the shared intelligence spread across 10M websites is incredibly helpful in proactively blocking all the known bad signatures.


Improve site performance with full page CDN

Global Edge Security is extremely capable of caching both the static and dynamic content including the CSS, high-quality images and video, and java script. Together all of this, will assure you an improved customer experience.


Want advanced security for your website?

On the custom plans of the WP Engine you can get Global Edge Security. So, don’t think, get in touch with a support executive of WP Engine and get GES added to your plan.



WP Engine Review – Premium WordPress themes with your WP Engine Plan

Now, you can build incredible digital experience for your WordPress site with the easy to use premium themes of Studio Press. With the Genesis Framework, all the themes of the Studio Press are search-engine-optimized with locked down security features. In addition to this, every theme of the Studio Press is Gutenberg ready which is incredibly helpful for you to simplify the content design and editing process even more. And we recommend these, because they are already a part of your WP Engine plan.



WP Engine Review Special Offer for Readers

Applicable only for this week, now get 3 months of free WP Engine with any new annual plan. Just use the code “JULY3FREE” at checkout and you are sorted.  Further, you are also getting 60-days completely risk free.




WP Engine Review of Hosting plans

You get 3 hosting plans with WP Engine. However, there is also an option of going with a custom plan with it. All of these plans are variable in terms of the allowed WordPress installations, storage, and traffic capacity. So, you can make a choice of the plan depending on your need.

  • For instance, first is  The StartUp plan of the WP Engine supports one WordPress site, comes with 10GB of storage, and can handle 25,000 monthly visitors.
  • On the other hand, on the growthmanaged hosting plan of WP Engine, you can install up to 5 WordPress sites which includes 20GB of storage and support for 100,000 monthly visitors.
  • Third is the Scaleplan of the WP Engine. This plans lets you manage 15 or more WordPress installations plus you’ll get 30GB of storage. Such a plan seems ideal if your website is already getting a traffic of 100,000 – 400,000 visits every month.
  • Lastly, for the websites that have an incredibly high traffic, WP Engine has come up with the Premiumand Enterprise The Premium plan runs on a dedicated server environment and the Enterprise plan runs on dedicated clusters. With these plans, you can handle several millions of monthly visitors. Further, the premium and the enterprise plan also lets manage more than 150 WordPress installations. The storage in both of these plans of the WP Engine ranges between 100 GB to 1 TB.



WP Engine Review about Website Staging – The Basic yet Powerful Tool at WP Engine

Now, what exactly is website staging? Staging a website means creating a clone for your desired website. This means that with the use of this, you can test the themes, custom code and the plugin before making all of these changes live.



With the website staging, you can actually get a preview of the possible changes before you go live with these changes. The staging site is not public so you can try out all your website ideas before implementing on your actual website. This is incredibly helpful for testing out what will work for your website and what won’t.



So, whatever be the mistakes in relation to your website, they can be rectified before they are seen by your potential client or customer. This will spare you of all the embarrassment of botched launches.



With WP Engine, you get a “one-click staging.” This means, that all you have to do is click a button in the control panel of your hosting and your staging site is ready.


Benefits of Using Website Staging

Now, when we recommend something, you know that we are only recommending it because it is packed with an array of benefits for your business. So, what are the benefits of using website staging? Let’s find out!



WP Engine Review to Produce Better Websites for Your Small Business

One of the most incredibly valuable asset for your business’s online presence is your website. It is the first and the foremost thing that your online customers will notice and it is just as important as your physical store front. So, when you are using the staging function, it allows you to perfect the content before making it live. Thus, with WP Engine Staging, you have the space and the time to make your website look better and test some revisions for your business. You can also run a friction less product launch with it.


Spot Errors before they Go Live

Another benefit of the staging function is that it lets you spot the errors on your web page before they come to the notice of the public or your potential customers.

It’s Easy to Set Up

With the one click feature, it is naturally very simple and easy to set up.

Can be Set Up Locally Or Online

You can set up a staging site to work online with a hosting server or on a local machine in your office. This added flexibility of the staging ensures that your staging site is helpful to create a site that works well with the needs and the requirements of your company.


Minimize Disruptions When Updates are Carried Out

With the staging function, the disruptions to the websites in the event of an update are reduced.


On the whole, your staging site is nothing but an ultimate safety net for your business or organization. This feature is exponentially beneficial especially when you rely on the e-commerce transactions for revenue. Further, it has a crucial role to play in branding as well.


WP Engine Review for Pricing – Is it worth the money?

It is true that with WP Engine, you are primarily getting just one type of service and that is the managed WordPress hosting. However, with WP Engine you are getting a variety of tiered plans for you to make a choice that is most suitable for your website and business.


priceingmodel of wp engine hosting


Each of these plans of the WP Engine offers dramatically different resources. Further, its potential to the number of sites that you can cater for with WP Engine is what makes it an incredibly scalable service. So, now, let’s take a quick look at the different WP Engine plans and see which one is ideal for you.

  1. StartUp ($35 per month): This is an entry level plan of the WP Engine. However, with it you are getting a support of up to 25,000 visits per month, one website, 10GB of storage, and 50GB of bandwidth. In addition to this, you’ll also get a host of other features such as an SSL certificate, access to a global CDN, among other things.
  2. Growth ($115 per month):With the growth plan, you can increase your traffic support to 100,000. Further, it provides you with a host five sites. Now, with the more number of resources and the ones that you are already getting with the StartUp plan, you also access to 24/7 phone support and you can import your own SSL certificate with it.
  3. Scale ($290 per month): The scale plan is more or less identical to the last plan. However, it has a more number of resources added in it for you. It bumps your site count up to 15, and supports up to 400,000 visits per month.
  4. Premium and Enterprise:These are the custom plans of the WP Engine, so here the pricing varies depending on what is opted for. With these plans, you will get a host of additional resources and support. Further, with the premium and enterprise plans, you can easily scale up your hosting from a shared setup to the dedicated servers.


Of course, when you look at it, these plans aren’t cheap. But when you look through the features that they provide along with a lot of room for your website to grow, you cannot complain. So, if you ever wish to come up with one or more of business or e-commerce sites, this service of WP Engine is totally worth a look.


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One factor to check before taking hosting – Overage Fees

All the plans of the WP Engine come with certain limits on the visitor numbers and the bandwidth. So, what would happen if you tend to cross this allowance? If this happens, on any of the plan – StartUp, Growth, or Scale plan, by the customer, you will have to bear an overage cost of $2 per 1,000 extra monthly visitors. Further, click here (INSERT LINK), to know more about these charges and see how the visitor count is kept by WP Engine count.


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WP Engine Review Verdict – Is WP Engine Right for You?

Now, that you have already read through our detailed WP Engine review, and seen through the various aspects, we come to the final and of course the most crucial question. Is the WP Engine right for my website or business? Should I be hosting my site with WP Engine? On comparing, all the aspects of the WP Engine with the other hosting providers in detail, we are awarding WP Engine the status of the “Best Managed WordPress Hosting”.


So, WP Engine is the perfect choice if you are seeking a hassle free experience to host your wordpress website. Be it for bloggers or high end business, who do not want to waste any time on the technical aspects and only want to seek a host which does all the backend tasks, WP Engine is just perfect. Both developers and the developers will find the advanced features of the WP Engine very time conserving when they want to develop a WordPress site for their clients. Further, with an assurance of helping you grow your business by facilitating better traffic, you can totally rely on WP Engine.


WP Engine Review the Usability Cases

WPEngine is very useful for blogger, SMB’s and developers.