SerpStat Review – How it helped to setup Organic Campaigns for 100% Growth.

SerpStat Review Summary:

If there is one tool that can deliver an all in one capability to your SEO effort, it is SerpStat. With this tool you can derive multiple capabilities that help expand and enlarge the scope of your business and make your online presence, user friendly. Using this tool can be quite beneficial for your website since it delivers extensive features. The most important feature of this tool, website analysis is something that helps you track the ranking of your website and match it with your keyword research and implementation. Through a ton load of features, the tool delivers vast potential to your online presence.


  1. It is packed with all the tools that you would need to do the SEO of your portal.
  2. Given the value it brings to your website, the price is very affordable and budget friendly.
  3. The analytics information provided by the SerpStat tool is detailed and comprehensive.
  4. It is packed with some unique features that are missing in other digital marketing tools. Some of these tools are Missing Keywords, Search Question Feature & Team Management.
  5. A free trial is available to give you a gist of the tool before you invest in the same.
  6. Social signals for keywords are available.
  7. You can access comprehensive reports with great visualisation to improve the performance of your website.


  1. If you have a website with a lot of pages, the site audit of the same will take a significantly higher time than what would have been taken by any other tool.
  2. In some cases, the keyword difficulty may not show accurate results.



In this SerpStat Review, we will give you a crystal clear outlook on whether you should be opting for this tool or not.


If you are digital marketing professional, you know how important it is to have access to an SEO tool. These tools assist and aid you, thereby simplifying your work to a large extent. Some of the most notable SEO tools include – SEMRush, MOZ, Long Tail Pro, AHREF, Majestic, among several others. Most of these tools have been in existence for last one and a half decade. For instance, Majestic was launched in the year 2004, SEMRush was launched in the year 2008, Ahrefs was launched in the year 2011 and Serpstat was launched in 2013.


Unfortunately, and sadly so, it gets really difficult for a new tool to establish its place in the market when several competing tools have already been in existence. However, SerpStat that was founded just 5 years back has established a successful place in the lives of a digital marketing expert given its affordability and usability. While the tool is pretty affordable to the pocket, there has been no compromise in terms of quality and efficiency of the tool.


So, in this honest SerpStat review, we will talk about the pros and cons of this tool. Though the tool is still updating its features every day, we will still try and give you an unbiased view of the specifications of this tool. Read on, to decide whether it is any good or not.


What does SerpStat do?

SerpStat is a growth hacking tool that can be used for platforms like Content marketing, Search Analytics, SEO, PPC and Content Marketing. This makes it an all in one tool for every SEO professional whose aim is to accentuate the ranking and performance of a website. The tool comprises both advanced as well as the basic features which you’ll need to carry out an SEO of your website.


Features of SerpStat

Some of the primary features of SerpStat are listed below:

  • backlink analysis
  • keyword research
  • website analysis
  • URL analysis
  • rank tracker

These are just few of the many features present in the SerpStat tool. Now, the question that we can read in your mind is, don’t all the SEO tools have the same features? Yes, they do! So, what is it that makes SerpStat unique? For this, we will talk in detail about all the features to understand how and why, SerpStat has been successful in carving a niche for itself amongst the Digital Marketing professionals.


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SerpStat Review in Details

You already know that SerpStat is equipped with all the features mentioned above, but we also know that this is a relatively newer tool launched in the market. So, it would be a lie to say that the database of this tool is equivalent to the vast data of AHREF or SEMRUSH. Despite the miniscule database, SerpStat has still managed to outdo some of its contemporaries. How has it been possible? This has been possible, because SerpStat is endowed with some unique features that aren’t present in the already existing tools.


One factor which really makes the SerpStat tool stand ahead of its contemporaries is it’s demand and desire to continually and perennially grow. There has been a remarkable improvement in their data base for keywords. From 2B in March to 4.2B in the present, the keyword growth has been exponential.


serpstat database review


When we speak of the Google Database for the keywords, we found out that as of today, Serpstat has 230 Google databases available which is ten times bigger than what it held in January, 2018.


Here, with the bar diagram below, let’s take a quick look at the Google Database changes seen over time.


review of serpstat us database


This growth is what depicts the success of SerpStat over the last one year. Surprisingly enough, given this growth and improvement, today, SerpStat has a larger database than SEMRUSH. While, SEMRUSH has just 170 Google Databases, SerpStat has 230 Google Database.

Now, let’s delve deeper into the features and significance of the SerpStat tool.


SerpStat Review for Website Analysis

The most striking feature of SerpStat is its website analysis. Meaning, with SerpStat, you can analyse your website against PPC keywords ranking that is denoted by the CTR of the keyword, visibility, organic traffic and Organic keywords ranking.

The website analysis according to the SerpStat tool can be carried out at two key levels. These are listed here as follows:

  1. Domain Level
  2. URL level


Let’s now read about them one by one to understand them better.

1. Domain Level Website Analysis

SerpStat will help you with your domain level analysis by reviewing your site on multiple aspects such as Backlinks, Traffic, Keywords, Rankings, and others. This is the most notable features of the SerpStat, as with the domain level website analysis, one can see the complete information at one place.

Let’s take a look at the diagrammatic representation of the domain level website analysis.


serpstat review for website analysis


From the figure above, there are certain terms that you must know. Let’s understand them one by one.

Visibility: Visibility denotes the reach of your website. So, this number will be given by your SerpStat tool and naturally higher the number, the better would be the reach of your website. You can check the visibility rate of your website, over the span of a year.


SE Traffic: The SE traffic, denotes the degree of organic traffic that your website is receiving. However, as you know that this number is based on CTR, it will not be equivalent to the number depicted by the webmaster or the Analytics. Despite this, you can still check the distribution of the traffic over the months and examine the growth.


Organic Keywords: Next, are the organic keywords. Organic keyword implies the number of organic keywords impacting the ranking of your website. This is a significant report since based on this, you will know and understand the position and working of the keywords. In order to get more comprehensive information on the keywords such as the volume, position, exact reach of the keyword and more, you can explore this section of your SerpStat tool.


find organic keywords ranking


Keyword Position Distribution: Again a very relevant and important tool. This will provide you with a clear picture of the number of keywords in a bucket that are created at SerpStat. So, based on this, you can know which bucket has maximum traffic holding.


check keyword position for your website


Pages with Highest Visibility: This feature helps you know the best performing pages on your website based on the traffic that each page receives.


analyze website for high traffic pages


Competitors in Organic Search: In addition to the performance of your website, SerpStat also gives you snapshot of the competitors search base. As a result of this, you know how to up your game, and stay in the running.


spy on competitors


Backlink Overview: The backlink analysis helps you get an overview of your profile backlink in a snapshot.


backlink analysis


Batch Analysis: The last part of Domain Analysis is the Batch Analysis. This is a useful tool, whenever you are looking forth to outdo the strategy of your competitors.


Let’s look at how batch analysis looks in SerpStat:


review of batch analysis at serpstat


With the help of batch analysis, you can get a detailed analysis of 100s of domains by one simple click. So, how is this done? Simple! All you have to do is enter the 100 domains you wish to compare. Thereafter, provide the parameters based on which, a comparison needs to be drawn. The most remarkable feature of this is the option of being able to choose about 50 search engines. So, in one single click, you can plan out the entire strategy of your website.


Serpstat also gives you an option to filter out the data and create a customised view for your easy understanding. So, in addition to the data analysis or representation, SerpStat also has a useful but unique feature of data extraction.


The complete data of the website can be extracted for website analysis in a single click under Infographics tab.


Let’s take a look at how this appears


serpstat review


2. URL Level Analysis

Now, that you are clear about the uses as well as the special features of the SerpStat for website analysis at domain level, we will now study about the URL level analysis of the SerpStat tool.


So, under the URL level analysis of the SerpStat tool, you will get the same data as seen under the domain level analysis however, there is a small difference between the two. In the domain level analysis, the analysis is at the domain level, whereas in the URL level analysis, you’ll get the analysis URL by URL or page by page.


Besides, while in the domain level analysis, you could compare your domain for different parameters, under the URL level analysis, you can compare the URL of your website with others.


Now, besides the regular features provided by most of the tools, there is one additional feature that SerpStat provides i.e. the Missing Keywords. Under this, you can know the keywords that you missed on your website. So, based on the suggestions, you can add the keywords which are helping in your competitor’s ranking.


Let’s take a look at how this looks in the SerpStat tool.


missing keywords feature at serpstat


In the nutshell, the website analysis tool helps give you a comprehensive look at the traffic that is coming on your website and the keywords which are helping in the ranking of your website. Besides improving your own site’s position, you can also use the Serpstat’s Website Analysis tool to create a strategy to outdo your competitors in the competition of ranking.


SerpStat Review for Keyword Research Process

In the SerpStat tool, performing a keyword research is seen to be significantly better than seen in the other tools. However, while you perform a keyword research, you need to be careful about a few things that will help you take a good decision.

  1. You ought to provide the keyword along with the filter to the country. This will help you know which keywords work for which countries.
  2. Since, the search volume seen here is almost comparable to the search volume of the Google AdWords, you can rely on this information.
  3. Sadly, the keyword difficulty is where this tool lacks. On the other hand, the keyword difficulty is seen to be better in the ahrefs. However, it will still give you a good picture when you wish to make a strategy for your website.
  4. You can make a choice amongst the organic and related keywords. This is a vast list and has significantly higher number of available options than any other tool. Moreover, SerpStat regularly keeps updating the database of keywords by adding more keywords. You can check out the latest keyword suggestions of SerpStat here. At present, the tool has 4.2 Billion keywords in its dataset.
  5. In addition to the organic keywords, you can also get ads keywords. So, if you want to use ads as a means of earning revenue, you can use these keywords on your site.
  6. Lastly, SerpStat has also included the Google trends in the keywords research section. Under this, you can see the keyword trend over the years.


In addition to all this, SerpStat also gives you information of the competitors ranking for the same keywords with their analysis. Under this, the analysis of the competitor’s information comprises backlinks which these competitors have created along with the total number of referring domains.


Moreover, the most notable feature of the keyword research is how it provides you with the list of your top competitors along with the keywords they are targeting and the visibility achieved by them, in terms of traffic. This comprehensive data is depicted by way of graph and presents before you the status of your competitors.


Another notable feature of the keyword research is the Search Question Feature. Firstly, let’s take a look at how this looks in the SerpStat tool.


serpstat feature of keywords finding


In the Search Question Feature, you can see the list of all the interrogative search suggestions for your mentioned keyword. Such keywords should be a vital part of your keyword strategy. This will increase the LSI keywords and improves your overall chance of being featured in the question related searches. So, with the Search Question Feature, we can definitely trust the SerpStat for presenting use with the in-depth analysis of the keywords.


Serpstat Review of Backlink Analysis Tool

Next, comes the Backlink Analysis tool. This is an important tool of SerpStat and provides you with a vast picture of the backlink profile for competitors. As part of this you can see the:


  • Referring Domains: Referring Domains are the total number of domains that refer to your website. In this, you can dig further, to find out all the domains that refer to your website.
  • Referring Pages: This will give you a picture of the referring pages. So, as part of this, you can get the clear picture of the links per domain.

Besides this, it also provides you with a detail on the do follow and do not follow links, new and lost backlinks status as well as the types of domain linking (.edu etc. Further, you can also get the list of the anchor along with the ratio of anchor usages. This is a very useful feature in defining, given your backlink profile is bonafide and adheres to the stated google algorithms.


serpstat backlink analysis


The best feature of this tool is that all the data of the tool is represented in a graphical manner and you can examine this data over a long time frame. Besides, it also brings forth the total social shares that are not present in any other tool. For inter website backlink analysis, you can choose the top pages list and see what the backlink profile for these pages is and the same can be copied for other business pages that have not been ranked yet. In the end, one can use the backlink analysis of the SerpStat and spy on the backlink strategy of the competitor.


Serpstat Review of Site Audit

Serpstat offers a unique feature to its users, through which, they may be able to check a given page for all type of technical errors that occur on it. This option, labelled as ‘Page audit’, is a highly useful and functional feature which is quite important for users. Using this feature, you can conduct technical monitoring on your web pages and detect factors that impact the ranking of your page and also provide various recommendations to fix them.


With this tool, you can practically get instant analysis for any web page, which proves to be much faster than any full site scanning process. As a result, you will be able to detect pages that lend the most traffic to your website and pages that have been updated recently. From a competitive perspective, this tool can make the whole difference to the game for you.



Serpstat Review of Keyword Clustering

There is so much that you can do to build your website and enhance its structure. An essential tool that helps in the process is keyword clustering, which puts all your hard work in sync and in the direction. From researching the industry and collecting the relevant keywords to analysing the competition, you may be done with everything that you think makes your site rank well. The next and quite important step after this is to spread those keywords in a way that stimulates the SEO process and goes by the name of Keyword mapping. Doing so will help you build a user friendly website that will make the effort of finding the right keywords, worth it.



Additional Feature by Serpstat

With the help of this feature, SerpStat is also able to deliver the best feature of the Team Management Mode. The initial version of the Team Management Mode was directed at monitoring tasks of the users, limit distribution and team building. Over the time, SerpStat even updated it’s Team Management and this updated version has a team statistics tab which takes into account the monitoring of the team history.


Furthermore, the updated feature has additional features such as:

  • Option to distribute the limits both automatically and manually.
  • A user dashboard backed with statistics of all the projects depending on the team member.
  • Ability to track the activities of all the team members depending on the module, data and actions.
  • Lastly, the updated version allows the manager to control the staff better and avoid problems with regards to the projects.



Price Comparison with Other Tools

One of the most important factors is the price. This is something that would affect every person who is interested in this tool. Despite the fact that there are several tools available today which are providing all these services at a relatively higher price, SerpStat is providing these services at a fairly lower rate. This definitely is something that is working in favour of the popularity of the SerpStat.


The SerpStat plans start at $19/Month. Moreover, it offers you a free trial option where you can use the tool for a limited period without paying a single penny.


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SerpStat Review Verdict:

Now that we have seen the entire journey of the SerpStat tool and examined each and every feature of this tool, in comparison to the other tools, available in the market, we can easily say that this is one tool that has all the features which make it an ideal choice for every SEO or Digital Marketing professional. Apart from one con of keyword difficulty, which I believe isn’t rightly measured with the SerpStat tool, all the other features of the tool, make it a great steal for every platform interested in SEO or Digital Marketing.


Lastly, I would like to conclude by saying that since with the improvement in the Google Database with every passing month, the popularity of the SerpStat tool is increasing. As a result of this, it is quite inevitable that the price will also increase in the times to come. So, if you wish to try out this fantastic feature packed tool, now is the time to make a purchase, as the price will reach to a new high sooner than you realise. To help, you with the same, and to help you bag a good discount on the SerpStat tool, we are leaving a promo code here. Do hurry, since the promo code is applicable for only a limited period.

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