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SEO PowerSuite Review Summary

The SEO PowerSuite is a power packed tool that been designed with a desire to combine all the distinct SEO capabilities with a bit of straightforwardness in order to ensure that the users experience an ease that they might not have found when using one of those cloud apps. Unsurprisingly, a lot of SEO PowerSuite Review available online describe this as one comprehensive software which will assist you and guide you in almost every task. Moreover, if we believe the SEO PowerSuite Review, it is just so simple that even beginners with little knowledge can benefit from this all-rounder SEO tool.


  1. The SEO PowerSuite is very useful and can work in several sections too.
  2. It is a complete tool and does everything from accessing the website to reporting to the client
  3. Link Assistant is a unique feature of this tool which helps in completing off page strategy.
  4. Categorization of the backlink prospects helps in making the tasks very easy and does save you a lot of time.
  5. SEO SpyGlass has a Penalty Risk feature. This is incredibly useful and helps protect your website from every Google Algorithm.
  6. TF-IDF is a unique feature of SEO PowerSuite that is not available with any tool and helps in creating semantic search optimized content.


  1. The primary downside of the SEO PowerSuite is still that it is not a cloud app.
  2. Also, the Domain Strength could be better and more detailed by including more insights.

Besides these two, there’s really no issue, big or small with the SEO PowerSuite.




Today, we are in the age and time of cloud apps. So, here with the SEO PowerSuite Review, we are back to help you decide whether this old school app is still relevant in today’s changing times or not. Now, as we say that, a lot of you would be like, are they crazy? Yes, it is true that people really find it crazy to use these installable software bundles in the times of cloud apps. But, when we decided to address this question, we had well decided in advance to put forward, all the sides of the coin and then let you make a final call. There are still a number of valid cases where the SEO PowerSuite has its definite space despite it being a software bundle. So, go ahead, and read on this review, to get a clearer and crisp picture on this.


We all know how important SEO is but wouldn’t it be hard to do the SEO of your website, without possessing the right set of tools? Moreover, it is also a matter of resources based on which people decide whether they should go for Ahrefs, SEMRush, SerpStat or SEO PowerSuite.


Now, to begin with, let’s just put it straight and clear, Yes, SEO PowerSuite is bundled software however, it still has space in the market. The biggest reason for this is the low cost of this tool. You know it, these high end cloud apps really charge you a hefty sum while on the other hand, SEO PowerSuite it incredibly cheaper. Over the time, the SEO PowerSuite has been tried and tested by 500,000 SEO experts and site owners. However, if you are on a tight budget and wish to do one time investment on a good SEO software bundle, SEO PowerSuite is a no-brainer.


However, unfortunately, in comparison to the benefits cloud apps such as SEMrush or Ahrefs, Moz with SEO PowerSuite you won’t be getting all the benefits. SEO PowerSuite does have certain limitations in terms of data, speed, features, and a variety of other aspects too but as stated earlier, it is definitely a lot cheaper than the other cloud apps. So, for the amateurs, novice or beginners, opting for SEO PowerSuite over the contemporary cloud apps is indeed a better alternative.


The SEO PowerSuite is however endowed with a set of unique features such as the TF-IDF tool and an array of features related to semantic SEO. So, here let’s discuss them in detail one by one.


SEO PowerSuite Review – What is SEO PowerSuite?

The SEO PowerSuite is a bundle of four desktop apps which are compatible to work in any environment be it windows, Mac or Linux. The four apps that come handy with this bundle are:

  • Website Auditor
  • Rank Tracker
  • SEO Spyglass
  • Link Assistant


Not surprising but SEO PowerSuite is still the most comprehensive SEO software which is perfect and sufficient to help you attain a top position in every search engine.


Now, let’s take a look at each of the 4 apps of the SEO PowerSuite one by one.


SEO PowerSuite Review – Website Auditor

With the WebSite Auditor, you can audit the entire website to be able to instantly spot and fix a technical error that might be undermining your ranking on the Google. This is undeniably, the best tool for technical audit of the website. You can also do a quick page level audit using this tool. So, what does this tool do? The SEO PowerSuite Website Auditor performs a complete health check up against dozens of structural and html coding flaws.


In totality, the Website Auditor has 4 sections that present forth a level wise audit of your website. All of these 4 sections are important because of their ability to present a detailed analysis of data.


Site Structure Analysis: The key requirement of the Website Auditor is to perform a site structure analysis. So, for this you need a comprehensive detail of your website to help you work out a structure level analysis of your website. For this, you need to fix all the HTML code issues and examine the technical factors.


Site Audit: To perform the site structure analysis, the first section that the WebSite Auditor tool presents to you is the Site Audit. So, here are some primary ways in which the Site Audit proves to be useful.

  • Finding the broken links and HTML code errors
  • Helping you know about the duplicate content issues
  • Performing page indexation and checking their crawlability
  • Giving you Content optimization advice (ideal keyword usage based on top-10 competition research)

On the whole, this is a great resource for both quick and long term technical fixes. Let’s see how site audit actually works with the help of a pictorial representation.


seo powersuite review for website audit


Visualization: Using the Visualization tool of the WebSite Auditor, you can create some interactive site maps. These site maps present to you a detailed and complete structure of your site by establishing a connection in-between all the pages on your website. You can visualise the structure via click depth, internal Page Rank and page views.

Take a look at how the visualization tool appears and works:


visualize your keywords cloud


Audit the Pages – Perform website audit on the basis of pages. Using this tool, you get a clear-cut advice on the technical factors of your pages. Further, this tool helps you study the use of keywords in on-page elements such as title, Meta tags, body and images. So, using this tool, you can directly edit the pages and make changes to ensure that everything is correct and crisp on all the pages of your website. So, once you have made the changes in the tool you can replicate the same on your live website.


Website Resources: This section helps you check for all the resources available in the website. With the help of this tool, you can know about the factors that are affecting the speed of your website. Now, let’s take a pictorial view of the website resources:


analyse resources for your website


Content Analysis: Content analysis is one tool that is extremely helpful when it comes to performing the detailed analysis of the content and work out a proper strategy for content optimization. There is a TF-IDF feature of this tool using which you can analyse your website against topical relevance. This is extremely important to carry out a semantic search optimization. The content analysis is based on the results attained by the comparison of the top 10 competitors for your targeted keyword.


Domain Strength: Domain strength presents one shot of your website and gives you a detail that is based on the factors such as indexing, backlink characteristics, information about domain, indexing as per search engines, backlink profile and the social media status. Such factors help you analyse and see the things better.


Given the data pointers listed above, one can be assured that the Website Auditor of SEO PowerSuite is indeed the best and the most complete tool for helping you fix the issues pertaining to your website. Try Website Auditor For Free.


SEO PowerSuite Review for Rank Tracker:

The next tool in the SEO PowerSuite is the Rank Tracker. After, you are done with the website audit and have fixed all the technical issues that are present on the pages of your website and further optimized the content, you’ll need your website. Because, this is the whole reason why you are working and fixing the issues. So, Rank Tracker helps you in tracking the work or updates that you have made on your website.

In addition to tracking the ranking of your website, you can also discover some keywords to target that you might have been missing out on. So, here, let’s examine in detail, what this tool is capable of.


track your website ranking


The rank tracker helps you in checking the search volume, knowing your competition and the degree of visitors that you are getting as a result of keyword ranking. You can pick any of the search engine from any country.


Track your Targeted Keywords: Using this tool, you can track the ranking and improve the keywords for any given location. Apart from the position, this tool also gives you a picture of the traffic or the visitor number that you are going to receive on your website. So, here you can group keywords on a scale of 1 to 10 and see the growth of your business.


Increase Business with Keyword Research tool: Rank Tracker of SEO PowerSuite does provide you a keyword research feature too. So, using this tool, you can add your web page and examine the keywords that are ranking apart from the ones that you were already tracking.


list of ranking keywords


In addition to this, you can use this feature to look out for some new main keywords, efficient keywords, related keywords and build a keyword map for yourself.

Other tasks that can be managed with this tool are listed here.

Discover new keywords: In the Rank Tracker, whenever you create a project for your website, this tool will pull out the seed keywords using the Google AdWords and Analytics accounts that you have linked with your site. On the basis of this, it will offer you suggestions of 20 keyword research tools that you can opt from for collecting the new keyword ideas such as keyword suggestions, combinations, autocomplete, related searches and questions, competitors’ keywords. All the keywords that are discovered are then stored in the archive known as the Keyword Sandbox. You can easily analyse and re-analyse this from the Keyword Sandbox anytime in the future.

Find the most efficient keywords: Next, using the Rank Tracker, you can find the most efficient keywords for your portal. Based on an array of factors, the tool helps you understand which terms hold the maximum value for your business. Based on this, you will have to analyse your keywords in accordance to a variety of factors such as:

  • keyword difficulty
  • number of searches
  • competition
  • cost per click
  • expected visits, and others

These factors are pivotal before you begin with the rank tracking process.

Build a keyword map: Rank Tracker has the ability to automatically distribute your researched keywords in different groups. These groups are formed on the basis of their semantic similarity. You can always edit the keyword group and assign them to any page on your website.

Set up rank checking preferences: You can select your target search engine from a list of 570+ supported search engines. Further, you can clearly specify the target location that can be even as specific as a street address. However, in addition to the organic results tracking, using this tool you can monitor multiple SERP results such as featured snippets, image carousels, local packs and not to forget a variety of other Google result types. In case, you also wish to track down the ranking of your competitors in addition to your own ranking, you can always add the site of the competitor in your dashboard.


SEO PowerSuite Review – Check your rankings

Lastly, you can keep a track on all the rankings in accordance to the setup preference for as many keywords, as required by you.


Now, based on the analysis of these features in detail, you can be certain that this tool has almost all the requisite things that a SEO professional will ever need.  You can check for a trial version of Rank Tracker.

SEO PowerSuite Review about SEO Spyglass:

The SEO spyglass is incredibly useful whenever you wish to spy on your competitors. So, to plan some off page activities, you can make use of this tool as it helps in providing you with a very detailed data for the competitors’ off page profile. This tool categorizes the data based on below listed factors:

  • Linking Domains
  • Domain In Link Rank
  • IPs
  • C-Blocks
  • Do follow/No follow backlinks
  • Text/Image links
  • Linked pages
  • Anchor texts, and more!

These are some really important factors when it comes to performing a detailed backlink profile analysis and creating an off page plan for your own website.



Now let us know about some other features that this tool can help you with:


SEO PowerSuite Review to Find all your backlinks

Whenever you create a certain project in the SEO SpyGlass, the tool will collect and prepare a list of all your backlinks. Using the Google Search Console and Analytics, you will be able to pull out the backlinks using the available tools to ensure a proper and a complete backlink profile. But, why is it necessary to remove these links? Imagine a situation, wherein your website gets hits by a Penguin. Sounds bad? Of course it is, because if that happens you will have to endure a link clean up and that’s going to be one big time consuming task.


Assess your overall backlink analytics

In order to analyse the main weak and strong points of your backlink profile, you will have to examine the proper and complete analytics for your backlinks. This has to be done in a manner that involves

  • total links vs. linking domains
  • dofollow vs. nofollow
  • profile growth statistics
  • backlink countries
  • top anchor texts

and a lot more.


So, you no longer need to spend a lot of your time dealing with spreadsheets to perform the tedious task of tracking. Just go ahead and check for the summary dashboard and it will have all the information you need.


SEO PowerSuite Review to Spy on your competitors

Using the tool, you can add the sites of your biggest competitors and thereafter compare the backlink profile and then work out, where your links intersect. The best thing about this feature of the SEO SpyGlass is that you can compare 5 of your competitor’s backlinks simultaneously.


Detect dangerous links

Using the SEO SpyGlass, you can calculate the Penalty Risk value of your backlink. If you ever find a high penalty risk in the tool, you will have to analyze the provided list of factors which are making the links given in the domain significantly dangerous. Thereafter, your course of action has to be getting rid of these links. In case, you aren’t certain as to where and how you should start the link building process, this tool can be very handy for you. SEO SpyGlass displays 50+ link quality factors. So, based on Alexa Rank, domain age, and other factors, you can detect the dangerous links.


Deal with harmful links

Lastly, using this tool, you can reach out to the webmasters. This tool will easily provide you with the contact details of the webmaster. You just have to request them to take some of the links down. In case, you do not find this to be a convenient method, you can go ahead and disavow all the spam links directly in the SEO SpyGlass.


This tool helps you automate your backlink report using which you can analyze the anchor text, do follows, no follows, and all the other relevant things. Thereafter, you can customize this report by personalising it with your company logo and some colours.


Sadly, with the harmful links back linking your website it is easy for you to get lost in the weeds when you are building the backlinks. This becomes graver if you are trying to catch up with your competitors.


So, using the SEO SpyGlass, you can acquire a full picture on the backlinks. SEO SpyGlass supercharges the backlink analysis even before you start sending emails.


Based on these features and values, this tool can be trusted to have in your arsenal.


SEO PowerSuite Review for Link Assistant:

After you are ready with the backlink profile of the competitors and are ready to setup the backlink profile for your website, you can use the Link assistant by SEO PowerSuite. It comes very handy as it will assist you in the complete link-building process.

Links assistant helps you:

  • search for prospects
  • assess their quality and
  • Get in touch with the potential link prospects.



Using this tool, you can search the prospective link opportunities based on your requirement. As a result of this, the user has an opportunity to select the category they want to work in. This is definitely a unique feature available with this tool. Your backlink prospects can be categorized in following categories:

  • Guest Posting
  • Review
  • Commenting
  • Giveaways
  • Forums
  • Link Pages
  • Link Submission Forms
  • Directories

However you must be clear about the effect and result of each activity before you begin with it. For instance, despite Guest Posting being an immensely time taking process it happens to be very effective in terms of helping you with ranking.


Now, let’s move further and take a look into the process and examine how it can be helpful in performing the off page task.


Search for link prospects

Now, after you have a project ready for your website in the LinkAssistant, you can further start a search for the link prospects. This can be done in 12 different ways. Some of these include guest posting, product reviews, directories, blogs, and competitor’s backlinks among others. The main goal of your website, will determine the type of prospect you should opt for.


Assess the quality of potential links

You can choose your prospects based on the quality of their online presence. The tool presents a variety of quality metrics such as page authority, domain authority, Alexa rank, domain age, social shares. You can use these metrics to pinpoint the links of the highest quality.


Contact link prospects

Now, when you have analysed the online presence of your website, you have to next work forth and start building the relationship by outreaching the prospects. So, using this tool you can get the contact information of all the potential partners. It also presents a possibility to help you get in touch with the partners right from the tool that uses one of the provided customizable email templates. In addition to this, you can also track the status of your emails in the app. So, go ahead and email your link prospects and your email template will follow you in the process.


Manage your links

Lastly, LinkAssistant has a really cool feature that helps you in keeping an eye on your link profile. What does this mean? This means, that you can also track the status of your emails via LinkAssistant, by examining if they have a right anchor text or not.

For instance, if you send an outreach email twice, the status will automatically be updated in the LinkAssistant. This can also be updated manually, if need be.


So, when you have all these features available, there’s absolutely no need to introduce or use any other tool for planning the off page strategy of your website. Try Link Assistant For Free.


SEO PowerSuite Review for Additional Tools

In addition to what’s already mentioned, SEO PowerSuite also has a reporting tool available for its users. Now, this does make it a complete tool since it covers the complete process right from accessing a project to the reporting.


Create Report for Clients with SEO PowerSuite

In all the tools right from website auditor to Link assistant, SEO PowerSuite helps the users create beautiful, comprehensive SEO reports in a quick and easy manner.


create seo reports for clients


In each SEO PowerSuite tool, you can create SEO reports that are:

  • White-label.
  • Customizable with logo and colours.
  • Uploadable.
  • Shareable with clients and colleagues.
  • Designed responsively.
  • Scheduled for delivering to clients.
  • Visually rich and informative.


Overall SEO PowerSuite Review:

Based on all the factors and essentials that we have studied above, we can clearly conclude that SEO PowerSuite Tools are complete in all totality. So, in order to cover all the stages of a project from website analysis to keyword research and from backlink profile analysis to setting up the off page activities, the different tools of the SEO PowerSuite, do come handy.

In addition to the features, we have reviewed above, the tool still has a lot more to offer. So, if you are novice, I see no harm in using this tool for performing the SEO of your website.

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