DigitalOcean Hosting Review

Summary of DigitalOcean Review

DigitalOcean is an American cloud hosting provider which was launched in the New York City. As of today, it has data centers worldwide. It provides the developers with the cloud services which are helpful in deploying and scaling applications which run simultaneously on multiple computers. In terms of web-facing computers, DigitalOcean is the third-largest hosting company in the world. A lot of DigitalOcean reviews, regard it to be a cheap, simple and a strong computing platform that can be used for hosting, apps, blogs or websites. Given the plethora of pricing alternatives, this is one hosting company which as stated by DigitalOcean reviews, can be adopted by everyone. However, sadly, since the platform is packed with technicalities it is only suitable for developers who are in the running already for a while.


  1. Simple User Interface
  2. Quick Deployment
  3. Fantastic Pricing
  4. Amazing support documentation
  5. Server quality is great
  6. Reliability is top notch


  1. Could be a little hard for beginners
  2. Even if you are not new to this, the setup of the server might take time
  3. No live support available for user (although their ticket support is quite fast)



Are you on a look out for a hosting provider for your blog or a website? Are the mixed reviews of DigitalOcean making it difficult for you to make a firm decision? If yes, then here we are with a DigitalOcean Review based on the user experience. Be assured that by the end of this review, you can for sure find the best and the most suitable hosting provider for your apps, blogs and websites.


Know about DigitalOcean Hosting

As of today, DigitalOcean hosting is believed to be the cheapest, simplest and the most robust cloud computing platform to host websites, blogs or apps.


Our detailed, yet on point DigitalOcean Review will indeed help you decide whether or not, you should go for DigitalOcean. So, by the end of it, you’d know for sure whether you should try out the hosting and the cloud computing services of the DigitalOcean hosting over the other hosting providers, or not.


digitalocean hosting review


Now, let’s get to know about some features, the technical jargons and the different types of hosting that you can get with DigitalOcean.


DigitalOcean Review: How it is the best hosting provider?

The name DigitalOcean has gained and established a place for itself in the industry of cloud hosting providers. The reason for its bourgeoning success can be attributed to its cheap prices, easy usability, reliable infrastructure and robust nature.


Background of DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is an American cloud hosting company which has been developed keeping in view the need and the requirements of the developers. Ever since, the launch of its first server back in 2011, the company has only grown bigger and bigger with every passing year. As of today, it has a customer base of more than 600,000 developers. This also proves, that there isn’t any doubt about the fact that DigitalOcean is a very reliable and cloud hosting platform in our industry.


With simplicity as the core ideal in its mission statement, DigitalOcean lets you develop a server or droplets (in DigitalOcean Jargons) in less than one minute.


Now, let’s take a look at some of the most significant features in this DigitalOcean Review.


Features of DigitalOcean

In addition to the droplets that DigitalOcean is mostly famous for, it has several additional features to help the developers. Here let’s discuss a few of the most important ones.


With the Kubernetes, you can easily scale up and deploy containerized app in clusters. Using DigitalOcean you get all the primary Kubernetes components for free. So, does that mean that you’ll be only paying for the resources that are used? Well yes, most definitely.


digitalocean review kubernetes


Load Balancers
It is easy to enable load balancers on DigitalOcean. So, once they are enabled, these load balancers work forth to spread out your traffic to the multiple droplets. This ensures that all the users have an optimal experience. For the load balancers, you’ll have to pay out a very small and a flat hourly fee.

One-Click Apps
With DigitalOcean, you get one click apps for your droplets. As a result of this, you actually happen to save more time.
These apps comprise of:

  • Lamp Stack
  • WordPress
  • My SQL
  • Ruby On Rails
  • Docker
  • Mongo DB
  • Node.js
  • Machine Learning


digitalocean apps review


So, DigitalOcean pretty much has almost every possible web development buzzword that you might have heard or seen on the Hacker News.

In here, you’ll be paying simply for the machines that are used by you. And this is definitely a good way to help you control the cost. No wonder, these cloud computing giants like DigitalOcean and Amazon are so extensively famous among the startups

Collaboration and Reliability
Last but not least is collaboration and reliability feature of DigitalOcean. The company has made it incredible easy for the teams to come together and collaborate in building DigitalOcean-enabled apps. As part of this, the teams work together and are billed all in one invoice but yet do not share the credentials which could have compromised the security. However, to strengthen the reliability further, the company offers “Floating IPs,” where the IP addresses are quickly redefined. In any case the droplet fails; the IP is then re-assigned to a standby droplet to ensure that the app keeps running.

With these details, you must have got some help in making your decision. Read complete DigitalOcean Review to be sure for the hosting service.


DigitalOcean Review: What are Droplets and how they are acquired?

The virtual machines of DigitalOcean are called “droplets.” It has 2 flavors of droplets which are:

  • Standard
  • CPU Optimized

The primary benefit of using the droplets is that they let you spin up the new machines with ease if you happen to get a lot of demand all at once. Moreover, the type of droplet chosen by you depends on the factors such as traffic. For instance, if you have a growing blog, you should opt for a standard droplet.


DigitalOcean Review: Standard Droplets vs CPU Optimized Droplets

CPU Optimized droplets are pretty much what it conveys with it on the tin. They are the virtual machines that come with beefier CPUs mainly usable for the jobs that are highly computation based. You can use the CPU Optimized droplets, if you are doing something like high volume scraping, machine learning or video encoding. In any other case, the standard droplets would suffice the purpose.




Now, there is a plan of $40 per month for both of these droplets. However, what you get in this $40 is slightly different in it. Let’s see, what’s the difference.


Standard Droplet Optimized Droplet
vCPUs 4 (not dedicated) 2 (dedicated)
Memory 8 GB 4 GB
SSD Disk Space 160 GB 25 GB
Transfer (Bandwidth) 5 TB 4 TB


From the above table, it is pretty much evident that the CPU optimized droplets are fairly more expensive than the Standard Droplets. It has also more powerful and dedicated CPUs and that is a primary reason for its high cost. So, unless your need is powerful and dedicated CPUs, you can opt for the standard droplets.

Now, let’s see some more point of differences in these two droplets. DigitalOcean Review will not be complete without this.

  1. Standard Droplets are fairly more flexible when it comes to pricing and use. The standard droplets can be used by you for anything from a small testing to a large production deployment. On the other hand, the CPU Optimized Droplets are mostly suitable for the CPU intensive tasks such as processing large data sets.
  2. The Standard Droplets work mainly as part of a shared CPU. This means that in the standard droplets, there will always be slight difference in the amount of computing power you can access from time to time.
    CPU Optimized Droplets have dedicated vCPU threads. As a result of this, they tend to display a 21% increase in speed as opposed to the Standard Droplets.
  3. In both these droplets, you can find the plans with distinct bandwidths. So, based on your data transfer allocations, you can determine which package will be most perfect for your needs.
  4. The droplet plans are available in all regions.
  5. It is not possible for you to roll transfers over from one month to the next.
  6. The droplets are available with an allocation of free outbound data transfer. The inbound bandwidth is however, free

What’s in a Droplet?

There is a vast array of choice of the operating systems that you can include for your droplets. It has the usual suspects of:

  • CloudLinux
  • Ubuntu
  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • CoreOS

In case, you don’t like the GPL, Free BSD is also there for you.


digitalocean review for droplets


Please know these are primarily all the pre-built images. So, there’s absolutely no need for you to waste your time in installing the OS. Instead, you can just begin deploying your web page right away.



With DigitalOcean you get a decent degree of information. This will be incredibly helpful in deciding which plan is most needed by you. So, with DigitalOcean, you have the freedom to mix and match the two different types of droplets. So, what does this mean? This means, that in case needed, you can use the standard droplets for your front end web servers which provide you the interface and the other CPU Optimized servers can be used for the support on the back end. In addition to this, you can further load balance the droplets to ensure that your web app is available.


DigitalOcean Review: How to Create Droplets?

Here are a set of instructions that you need to follow to create a Droplet (cloud instance) with the help of a DigitalOcean control panel:

  • Firstly, Log into the DigitalOcean control panel. From here, you will have to select to create a Droplet from your dashboard.
  • Now, the next screen will appear where you’ll have to Create Droplet page. In this page, you can mention Droplet configuration.
  • The popular defaults are already selected so you can scroll to the end and Create Droplet.
  • For you to customize this droplet, the first step would be choosing an image that would include a pre-installed app and your Operating System.
  • Next, you can select the size of the droplet i.e. the amount of RAM and storage.
  • Further, you can add block storage to create additional storage volumes which can be annexed to the droplets.
  • Next, you’ll have to choose a data center region which is in close proximity to you and your customers.
  • You can now add SSH keys to give your droplet additional security.
  • Finalize and you are done with creating a droplet.


DigitalOcean Hosting Plans For Each User – Developer, Individual or Small Business

The mega selling point of DigitalOcean is its wide array of plans. It is this flexibility in the plans which make it the most suitable pick for both companies and individuals. As a result of this, it also gets easy for a developer to select the plan which is tailored according to their desired needs.

In the standard plans, you can opt for anything between one to four servers and the memory choice can be variable from anything between 512 MB to 8 GB. In addition to this, the TB transfer rate can be anywhere between 1 to 5 depending on your plan. Lastly, the SSD Disk space starts at 20 GB and could go up to 80GB.

The most popular plan gets you:

  • 1 GB memory
  • 1 core processor
  • 30 GB SSD disk
  • 2 TB transfer

Further, the DigitalOcean also brings for the developers high volume plans, if needed.


DigitalOcean Review For The Hosting Plans

There is a vast variety in the types of hosting available for business. Each of these hosting plans comes with a variety of advantages and disadvantages. So, here, let’s take a look at two of the most popular hosting options available for you.


DigitalOcean Review for Shared Hosting

One of the most prominent hosting options found in the market is Shared Hosting. This is also the cheapest hosting alternative however it is ranked the lowest when it comes to the server performance or the available resources. Shared hosting basically means when a single server is shared among a number of different websites where all of them compete with each other for resources and space.


DigitalOcean Review for Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

VPS or the Virtual Private Server hosting is a step up from the shared hosting. It is believed to be one of the best available choices for you if you or your business requires more resources and a better performance than a shared hosting plan can offer. In the VPS, your server will take the form of a single server that has been split into a number of smaller virtual servers wherein each of these servers is allocated exclusively to a website. In VPS, one website is not competing with others on the server for space and resources.


DigitalOcean Review for WordPress Hosting

You all know that wordpress is the most popular CMS or the content management system. It is used by more than 60 million people across the globe. With DigitalOcean you get one-click installation of WordPress hosting solutions. DigitalOcean also claims that with this hosting platform you can have your WordPress website up and running in just 55 seconds i.e. less than a minute. Unbelievable but True! DigitalOcean also provides you a plethora of memory capacities and storage capacities depending on your company’s individual needs.


SSD (Solid-state Drive) Storage

The major and the most crucial benefit of using the DigitalOcean hosting is that it uses the SSD storage on all of their servers. Unlike their HDD counterparts, the SSD servers don’t have any moving parts. As a result of this, these tend to work more quickly and tend to perform fairly faster than the others. This comes as an important benefit for your business as it allows the customers to help access the site faster than the rivals.


DigitalOcean Data Centers: The power of website speed.

The DigitalOcean hosting has a plethora of data centres found across the globe. As of now, there are 12 centres located across the globe in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, and India.


review of digitalocean data centers


The availability of the data centers in different countries is helpful for you to target the users that are found in that country. This also means, the more this data center is in the proximity, the faster will be your website.


DigitalOcean Review about Kubernetes

With the Kubernetes, you can easily scale up and deploy containerized app in clusters. Using DigitalOcean hosting you get all the primary Kubernetes components for free. So, does that mean that you’ll be only paying for the resources that are used? Well yes, most definitely.


Features to accelerate releases

Full Kubernetes API

If you provision a DigitalOcean Kubernetes cluster, what you really do is spin up a kubernetes control plane and give it an endpoint to be used with the kubectl CLI or any Kubernetes ecosystem tool.


Kubernetes in minutes

In here, you can opt for the type of worker nodes as desired by you, the data center where you wish to operate it and then provision your cluster, all in just few minutes. For this, you need to download your kubeconfig file and then start using through the kubectl command-line.


Managed Services

DigitalOcean regularly keeps a check on your Kubernetes Control Plane. This is done so as to ensure that you are always able to access and deploy to your cluster.


Open API

This open API helps seamlessly integrate with your existing tooling and workflows. Using the DigitalOcean API it gets easy to create, update and manage your cluster through the API.


Guided Configuration

You get a full tutorial of steps to connect to the cluster, deploy the app and include additional resources to it such as load balancers and storage.


Global Availability

You can also spin up a cluster in locations such as New York, San Francisco, London, Frankfurt, or Bangalore.


Kubernetes Features:

• Release Faster
• Scale Automatically
• Increase Availability
• Application Portability
• Lower Costs


DigitalOcean Kubernetes Pricing

You can get a master server instance for free with DigitalOcean Kubernetes. However, the pricing of the Kubernetes workloads is largely based on the actual usage by the applications you deploy to your cluster. This will include Droplets and will also include persistent Block Storage, and Load Balancers.




Control Panel and Interface

Control panel does rule the web hosting industry however DigitalOcean is not your regular web hosting provider.


DigitalOcean Hosting Review for Developers

The offerings and the resources of the DigitalOcean are mainly for serious developers. Though this hosting provider is useful mainly for people building custom web apps, it still doesn’t offer a lot of things that are normally needed. For instance, with it, you don’t get any type of shared or VPS web hosting.


digitalocean hosting review from developers

Install cPanel Yourself

If you need a control panel, you will have to purchase and install it all by yourself. You don’t get this control panel with one click deployments. This platform is mainly useful for developers or people who have a favourite UNIX shell and those who are okay with not being given a graphical control panel. The target market of this host mainly includes the hard-core developer who reside inside an editor and an SSH window so that the absence of Control Panel doesn’t seem like a massive loss.


The DigitalOcean Interface

The big news is that the DigitalOcean already comes with a well-designed interface for both monitoring and deploying of the droplets.


review of digitalocean user account


This is the primary DigitalOcean interface. Under this, you can manage your projects and the droplets using the menu bar present towards the left end. To add a new droplet, domain, load balancer, or any other feature at any time, you will have to use the bright green “create” button at the top.


DigitalOcean Plans & Prices


Cloud 1  20 GB SSD  1 TB  5.00
Cloud 2  30 GB SSD  2 TB  10.00
Cloud 3  40 GB SSD  3 TB  20.00
Cloud 4  60 GB SSD  4 TB  40.00
Cloud 5  80 GB SSD  5 TB  80.00
Cloud 6  160 GB SSD  6 TB  160.00
Cloud 7  320 GB SSD  7 TB  320.00
Cloud 8  480 GB SSD  8 TB  480.00
Cloud 9  640 GB SSD  9 TB  640.00


With DigitalOcean, you get a vast variety of cloud servers and all its plans come with a solid-state drives (SSD) as standard. Here, are some plans and their pricing.


Get $50 in credit for 30 days


DigitalOcean Review Verdict

In case you need a simple web hosting without giving too much thought on the technical details, then DigitalOcean is not for you. So, DigitalOcean must mostly be considered as a suitable pick for developers who need a flexibility and a more detailed control of the servers.
This company is mostly suitable for the self-sufficient developers who like researching their own answers and managing their own servers.


Comparable Hosting Providers

It is obviously true that DigitalOcean is not the only cloud hosting provider out there. Moreover, if you are seeking a DIY approach to the cloud, then there are a variety of other providers that you can opt for. So, here, is a brief comparison of the basic cloud hosting before we go on to elaborate their other noteworthy features.

DigitalOcean CloudWays SiteGround Kinsta
Memory 1 GB 1 GB 4 GB Not specified
Storage 25 GB 25 GB 40 GB 5 GB
Transfer 1 TB 1 TB 5 TB 20,000 visits
Price $5.00/mo $10.00/mo $80.00/mo $30.00/mo


CloudWays vs DigitalOcean

Honestly, if I were to host a web app developed by me, I would either opt for hosting it on
DigitalOcean or CloudWays. In reality, CloudWays is a partner of DigitalOcean and is designed on top of their services. The difference between the two is that Cloudways is fully managed. They ensure due care for the server setup and maintenance on the platform of your choice. So, all you have to worry about is the application. The additional fee on this is incredibly low and you can pay as you go.


So, if you feel that the entire server setup, (security, Apache setup, etc.) is a bit too much for your portal at the moment then you can opt for Cloudways for a simpler alternative.




SiteGround vs DigitalOcean

The cloud architecture of SiteGround isn’t as buzzword-compliant as DigitalOcean but you can still spin up and tear down the virtual machines as needed. In SiteGround, the server technology is however, on par with the DigitalOcean. Sadly, the cloud hosting plans of SiteGround are fairly more expensive but are fully managed since they come with optional cPanel & WHM.


Kinsta vs DigitalOcean

Kinsta on the other hand is a fairly new host but it is getting quite popular these days. It offers managed WordPress hosting based on the Google Cloud Platform that is of extremely high quality. Just like DigitalOcean, Kinsta too has a modern UI and setup process but they maintain and set up servers for you. So, in terms of cost, it is relatively costlier but is still reasonable for businesses to be able to afford.


Usability Cases as per DigitalOcean Review

DigitalOcean is planned mainly for the developers. Business owners, bloggers and developers can take hosting help for their websites. Developers are helpful when Kubernetes and Droplets are needed.

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