Animoto Review 2019


Animoto is an excellent video editing tool, serving a useful function for those who are new to the world of video editing. If you are someone who aims to save time and make the most of your funds, then this tool is for you. Animoto takes care of your video making requirements, proving to be an investment with every feature that it offers. From the price perspective, this tool may be a bit pricey for you but of you are running a commercial campaign, the tool proves to be worthy of your investment.


  1. Extremely user friendly.
  2. Clean and polished videos for commercial use.
  3. Ability to create a video without much hassle.
  4. Access to premium video making features.


  1. Individual clips are not editable in this tool
  2. There are restrictions on the creative front, which make the tool limited.



If you are looking for a review on Animoto, which is based completely on user experience, then you have come looking at the right place. Based on the experience of users with Animoto, this review focuses on the user aspect of this service.



Social media users are testament to the fact that video content is more attractive for a user and grabs more eyes for a brand. For social media success, creation of video content is a must.
However, when it comes to making a video for a brand on your own, it might not be an easy task. Ideally, one requires a lot of time, effort and knowledge to be able to create and edit a video. Gradually, many video tools have emerged, trying to make the job of video editing easier for users. One of the leading applications in the market, Animoto, is under review today. Animoto is a cloud based video creation service which has been helping users make videos for social media since 2006.


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In this Animoto review, all aspects of the application shall be covered, such that you may be able to make an informed choice about using it and choosing it. The review will attempt to analyse the tool from the perspective of its cost and pros and cons.