WP Engine Alternative – The Robust WordPress Hosting provider

You know, when you think of a top notch and a highly reliable managed WordPress hosting provider, the first thing that comes to your mind is the WP Engine. The WP Engine is one of the most well-known and a premium company given its fine technical support and a superior performance. Know more at WP Engine Review about the plans and features.


Sadly, irrespective of how good it is, there are still some cons to the WP Engine which might urge the users to seek out for the other WP Engine alternative.


Irrespective of your reasons for looking out for a WP Engine alternative, here is a list of some of the most fast, reliable and secure WP Engine alternative. Based on these suggestions, I am sure, it will be easier for you to make the most perfect choice.


5 WP Engine Alternative

Here is the list of top most WP Engine alternative for your wordpress website:

  1. Site Ground – The Cloud Based WP Engine Alternative
  2. Dream Host – WP Engine Alternative recommended by WordPress.org
  3. Kinsta – Popular WP Engine Alternative
  4. WPX Hosting – WP Engine Alternative with More Features
  5. GoDaddy – Robust WP Engine Alternative


Let’s get started and examine 5 of the best WP Engine Alternative.


Site Ground – The Cloud Based WP Engine Alternative

The SiteGround was established in the year 2004 and over the years, it has grown up to be one of the best WordPress hosting service providers of the present day. The reason for the popularity of the SiteGround can also be attributed to the superior customer support services offered by the team of the SiteGround.


Moreover, the prices of the SiteGround are very competitive and this makes it fairly affordable in comparison to the WP Engine. This along with the vast array of phenomenal services has definitely increased their number of customers to more than five hundred thousand as was noted at the time when the article was written.


It is further to be noted that the SiteGround is also known to be secure and fast and stays up to date with the current technologies. It has been seen that the technologies like the PHP7, Nginx, HTTP/2, HHVM and their super cacher, happen to make it faster and reduce the load time of the portal. Moreover, the SiteGround also has its own backup system as a result of this, it gives one a chance to install many more applications with just a single click installer. Read SiteGround Review for more information on what you get with SIteGorund Hosting.


SiteGround uses SSDs. This SSD is believed to be faster than the other drives when it comes to processing of all the files and the databases. Things indeed get better by the fact that it has an array of data centers for you to make an easy choice. When you pick a data center which is nearer to your target audience, you can be assured of faster rendering of data. In addition to all of this, security is also given a top priority with the SiteGround. This hosting provider has come up with the artificial intelligence systems which can be used to prevent brute force attacks. In case you do not find this trust worthy, they also offer you an automated backup system which can help restore your WordPress website if you happen to lose it.


Pros (SiteGround vs WPEngine)

  • They offer free email hosting and domain with all of their plans.
  • The customer support offered by the SiteGround is believed to be the best.
  • Support can be availed via phone, support tickets and live chats In comparison to the WP Engine they are much more affordable as the WP Engine can be extremely pricey especially for the beginners.
  • The data with the SiteGround is backed up on your website on every day basis in order to assure that you never lose data even in case of an attack from an intruder.



Dream Host – WP Engine Alternative recommended by WordPress.org

By far, one of the best performing WordPress hosting providers is the Dream Host. It was launched way back in the year 1997 and ever since then it has been offering a reliable shared, cloud, managed WordPress, dedicated, VPS and domain name registration. This is also a hosting provider which is majorly recommended for the use by the WordPress.org. And since WordPress.org is recommending Dream Host, you can be assured of trusting them for all of your WordPress hosting requirements. They have even regarded the WordPress hosting as Dream Press.


This is a service which has been exclusively designed for the WordPress users. The infrastructure of the Dream Host has been designed and built with all the latest technologies such as the NGINX with HTTP/2, Brotli, PHP7 with SSD (Solid State Drivers).


In order to assure the fast provisioning, it offers you a fab caching system like the object caching and the Varnish caching, as a result of this, you can trust them 100% when it comes to speed.


Now, as far as the pricing of the Dream Host, it is relatively cheaper in comparison to the WP Engine. Further, the Dream Host offers the unlimited number of visitors with an unlimited bandwidth. If you opt for the basic plan of the Dream Host, you get a 10GB SSD storage and on it you can host only a single website. Further, with this plan, you also get the most common Jetpack free version pre-installed along with a number of other important installations. In addition to this basic plan, there are other plans available too. It comes installed with a premium version of Jetpack. You can get good discounts with this, if you opt for the annual plans.


Pros  (Dream Host vs WP Engine)

  • The Dream host is usually cheaper in comparison to the WP Engine.
  • It is free to install all types of WordPress plugins in the Dream Host when compared to the WP Engine which does not offer the installation of caching, backup and broken links plugins.
  • With the Dream host, the security is 100% guaranteed. The hosting provider takes timely actions against DDoS, firewall, automatic updates and Let’s Encrypt SSL.
  • Dream Host creates an array of backups to ensure that your data is never lost even in case of attack.
  • With the Dream host you get GIT access, SSH and cron job that makes life fairly simpler for the developers.
  • The customer support offered by the Dream host is incredible. You can contact the team via forums, live chat, email and knowledge base.


Kinsta  – Popular WP Engine Alternative

Another incredibly popular WP Engine alternative for WordPress hosting is Kinsta. In the Kinsta, all the plans are backed by the Google cloud infrastructure. But what exactly is this Google cloud infrastructure? The Google cloud infrastructure means that Kinsta easily controls some of the most crucial hosting features like the flawless uptime and speed.


Further, the servers of the Kinsta are empowered by the Linux technology, Nginx, MariaDB and PHP7.0+. Every plan that you get with Kinsta is equipped with automated scalability. This helps all the sites stay up and running even when there is a massive traffic incoming. As a result of this, you will never have to worry about an outage which might occur because of the shortage of the resources.


Furthermore, with Kinsta you get an opportunity to choose from 18 different data center locations which is a pretty large number of locations when compared to what the other WordPress hosting providers have. Also, Kinsta will never charge you any additional sum of money for opting for a particular location while WP Engine will charge you for this. Another reason for the popularity of the Kinsta is the fact that it provides almost all of its add ons at no additional cost whereas most of these other providers charge a lot of money when you opt for an additional add on.


Pros (Kinsta vs WP Engine)

  • The response team of the Kinsta is available all through the day to help all the customers in case of any queries or complaints.
  • The plans of the Kinsta are integrated with free let’s encrypt SSL for a secure HTTPs connection. You can turn this on and off with a single click.
  • You get a free backup service with the Kinsta however you can definitely opt for an automated backup or a manual backup for your website, if needed.
  • With Kinsta, you can in house dashboard that is fairly easy for you to use. There is also a multi user feature is fairly important when you are running a project with the team.

WPX Hosting – WP Engine Alternative with More Features

The WPX Hosting was launched in the year 2013 as Traffic Planet. However, in the year 2016, it was renamed as the WPX Hosting. With this hosting provider, you get both hosting service plans as well as domain registration services. Further, as for the pricing, the cost is pretty reasonable and is the best you’ll ever find.


For instance, if you are a beginner who wishes to set up a number of small scaled projects on a fast hosting, then you can opt for the smallest plan which lets you host around five websites with 50GB bandwidth and a total storage of 10GB. Further, with the WPX Hosting, you can opt for a data center either in the UK or the US depending on where your target audience is located. This is hosted on the SSD server and with the WPX Hosting you get a guaranteed uptime of 99.95%. All of it, just with their smallest plan.


In addition to all of this, when it comes to security, the WPX Hosting is extremely cautious. They give you an unlimited SSL certificate along with an automated backup process for each of your accounts. Besides all this, you get the scanning processes every day. It checks for all types of vulnerabilities and detects viruses which might attack your website. In case, you already have a site developed and wish to migrate it to the WPX Hosting, then you can do it at no additional cost unlike WP Engine that charges you a hefty sum for site migrations.


Pros ( WP Engine vs WPX Hosting)

  • WPX Hosting is definitely better than WP Engine as it has not disallowed the installation of any plugin. Furthermore, they even recommend you the best plugins and you can use the WPX Hosting for security, backup and caching.
  • With the WPX Hosting, you get perfect expert level support 24/7. The team assures that their users get help with whatever they are looking for in the shortest time possible.
  • With the WPX Hosting, you get unlimited customized email accounts.
  • With this hosting provider, you get domain name registration.
  • In comparison to the other leading managed WordPress hosting services such as WP Engine, WPX Hosting is far more affordable. The price is definitely lower and you get a better value for money.
  • Lastly, it is reliable, safe, and fast.


GoDaddy – Robust WP Engine Alternative

Last in our list is the GoDaddy. It is definitely one of the most popular hosting providers available in the present day and time. If we talk about the WordPress hosting, the managed services of the GoDaddy are beyond excellence. This means that right from the setup to the maintenance of the security patches and the software updates, their team caters to every aspect which is involved in the maintenance of the WordPress hosting platform.


However, they aren’t very keen on handling the handling plugin updates for you, but the support team will be readily available to help you out if you need any assistance. Moreover, with GoDaddy WordPress hosting, you can avail a single click site migration at no added cost. You also get free backups and automated updates to the WordPress core.


GoDaddy does acknowledge the fact that there are a couple of WordPress users who are new to web hosting. So, one of the primary feature available with the this WordPress hosting provider is that it offers the library of tutorial videos. You can get the commercial package of WordPress tutorials, WP101 at a small membership fee. But customers can avail access to more than 20 of the tutorial videos at no extra cost.


Keeping in view all of this, we can definitely conclude that GoDaddy is not enough for large scale businesses and organizations which have massive security needs, high customization requirements and flawless performance needs. Yet, it is a perfect pick for the small businesses and individuals.


Pros (GoDaddy vs WP Engine)

  • GoDaddy comes with an automated WordPress setup, regular software updates and automated backups.
  • With GoDaddy you can avail automated scanning and removal of malware in order to ensure that your website stays safe and secure at all times.
  • This hosting provider makes use of the SSD disks which are believed to be faster than the rotating disks and their servers make use of the load balancing techniques.
  • In case, you go with the annual plan of the GoDaddy, you can register a domain name at zero additional cost.
  • GoDaddy is very easy to use and setup even for the beginners or the people who do not have much experience with the WordPress hosting.
  • The customer support team is great and is available readily to help the customers with all plausible issues that the customer might be facing.


Conclusion: Which WP Engine alternative you should try for wordpress website?

Are you on a low budget but still need an out and out performance and a quick customer support? If yes, then our recommendation for the same is SiteGround. We have personally been using the SiteGround for some of our blogs and haven’t any serious issues.


The SiteGround comes with an incredible team of experts who handle all types of hosting problems and can be approached via ticket system, chat or call. Moreover, if we go by the suggestions of the WordPress.org, they also recommend both SiteGround and WPX Hosting given the smooth websites that are running on the WP CMS.