Best DigitalOcean Alternative for Developers in 2019


If you have considered option for DigitalOcean subscription, there are a huge number of chances that you have also though about its DigitalOcean alternatives, probably the ones which are touted to be exactly same as DigitalOcean hosting provider.


Maybe, you just need to check around some of the probable DigitalOcean alternatives, to see how they might fit in for your ongoing projects?


For developers, DigitalOcean is not a new buzzword around them. In the field of cloud hosting services, the domain has made a huge name for itself. Combined with the low pricing of the platform with the quality of the hosting services, DigitalOcean has managed to grab a prominent space for itself in the domain of cloud hosting services. As a result, it has a number of happy customers to its credit.


Considering all the DigitalOcean alternatives might not yield many fruitful results for you, as would do to check out some of the best out of the lot.


Here is a list of some of the powerful and close competitors to digitalocean, which offer features making them worthy enough of being included on this list.


InMotion VPS Hosting – Best DigitalOcean Alternative

Although there are number of cloud hosting service providers out there, only a few of them are really worth a mention and luckily enough, InMotion VPS Hosting happens to be one of them. This is among one of the best cloud hosting service providers across the globe, raking in a number of users from around the world. The reason why they are able to attract a huge base of customers from all over is because of the low cost services that they provide, which is why the platform has earned the spot of first preference among customers, when they are looking for cloud services.


With this service, you will be able to manually back up your data, avail server management services, free of cost, solid state drives, a cPanel license, and CPU cores in unlocked state. The platform offers a number of packages and you can easily choose from one of them, based on your requirement. As per common user feedback, each of these packages has been counted as an economic and feasible one. There are a number of reviews from users who have purchased these packages in the past and reading them might help you make a decision about this. Collectively, it has come to be renowned as one of the leading cloud hosting service providers based on user feedback and reviews.


One of the takeaway features of this platform is that it offers a remarkable customer support service. At the same time, it also offers an assurance that in case you do not like the service, you can avail a money back request within 90 days of the purchase. What more assurance could you ask for, when the service offers full refund on non satisfaction from the use of the service!


Cloudways – The Same Level DigitalOcean Alternative

Regarded as one of the best cloud hosting platform for developers, bloggers, marketers and enterprises. In the recent years, Cloudways has earned enough ranking to climb on top of the ladder and be considered as the best DigitalOcean alternative. Started in the year 2011, you can avail systematically managed plans from this platform. Some of the features included with their service are solid state drives, free site migration, 1 click scaling, 1 click coning intuitive dashboard and a lot more.


As mentioned in CloudWays Review, you will be able to avail a typical cloud infrastructure, which is a remarkable DigitalOcean alternative. Over here, you will be able to avail all round the day live chat and call help from the team so that you can get any problems sorted out at the earliest. Since they offer a number of plans, this platform becomes suitable for such a wide array of users. With Cloudways, you can also seek a money back assurance for up to 30 days after the purchase of the plan. This helps in choosing the platform with ease, since you can be assured that your money won’t go a waste.


There are a number of data centres of this cloud hosting platform all over the globe. In order to improve the site loading, you can pick a data centre which is closest to your target audience so that you can enhance the overall experience that you offer to your customers.


The user interface at Cloudways is designed such that it enhances security as well as performance. With different speed options available and friendly technologies to their credit, you will always find it comfortable to choose one of CloudWays plans for your use. You can host an unlimited number of websites with the use of this cloud hosting platform.


DreamHost – DigitalOcean Alternative to host website in 30 seconds

With decades of hosting and management experience behind their backs, you should not get surprised when we tell you that this platform handles more than 1.5 million websites. Offering a low cost structure to their users, you will be able to pick one or more SSD powered cloud server plans from this platform, which will tell you why this is a good and worthy DigitalOcean alternative.


With standard root control facility, the user remains in control of the server resources of the cloud, without being limited by any possibility.


In under 30 seconds, you will be able to launch your own SSH access and Linux based cloud server. Naturally, this means that you need not wait for days and months before you can get a good cloud hosting service for yourself. This platform is compatible with open stack and API that helps you create an automatic server as per the command lines that you require. This becomes useful for several other programming and development languages as well.


With every plan, a user can avail a block of 100 GB worth of storage and bandwidth up to an unlimited level. If you face any issues with the use of the platform, you can always ring them up or enter into a chat or email to get the issue resolved.


The competitive plans and pricing are a matter over which Dream Host fairs very well over DigitalOcean. The platform offers 3 different cloud plans and each of these plans is built with different features. The platform also offers a money back assurance for up to 97 days from the date of purchase, in case you feel that the services are not as per your expectation. Users can also increase block storage on this platform with the payment of some additional cost.


Blue Host – Managed DigitalOcean Alternative

Yet another worthy alternative to DigitalOcean, Blue Host has been designed to remain scalable and completely manageable for cloud hosting purpose. The cloud hosting platform also makes it to the list of top 10 web hosting platforms all round the world. The platform offers many features and services, which make it a worthy choice in alternative to DigitalOcean. The rich dashboard of the platform offers multiple features which make it quite feasible for monitoring traffic, checking the global reach, managing load speed, checking for automatic failover and much more.


Another stark feature of Blue host is that it offers very fast, reliable and secure cloud servers, with a unique caching mechanism that can be used to load different type of static and dynamic content. It also helps in mirroring the data of your website so that the risk of loss can be mitigated.


To be DigitalOcean alternative, Blue Host also offers monthly subscription plans which are perfect for a variety of users who wish to check the quality of the platform before they make the final decision to purchase it on an annual plan. In order to make the platform more interactive for you, all round customer support is provided to customers so that they can get any issues resolved at the earliest.


Whether you wish to connect via a phone call or through live chat, you will be able to get it all. At the same time, the plans also come with a money back guarantee for a period of up to 30 days from the date of purchase. The platform offers three different plans to its customers, and each of these plans are composed of a number of features. You can take your pick based on the features that you require.


Vultr – Cheap DigitalOcean Alternative

As the name suggests, this one if indeed the cheapest alternative to DigitalOcean and provides features which are fairly equal to the platform. With over 15 data centres located all over the globe, you can get your content to your customer in the fastest way possible by choosing a location closest to your target audience. Vultr is designed to comply with your user requirements such that no matter whether you are an individual or an enterprise, you will be able to find the best hosting solutions for your data.


Vultr excels at providing cloud hosting which is beyond normal cloud computing. The platform offers well customised solutions to their users, based on their requirement of the hosting services. The control panel provided with the platform is a decent one, which makes it seamless and hassle free for users to use and operate. The platform also supports multiple payment methods for the users including credit card, Bitcoin and a lot more.


Crucial settings such as choice of data centre location, addition of SSH keys and more can be done through the server section. A number of applications such as WordPress, GitLab, Joomla and more are supported by the platform as well.


Customers can also avail technical support from the platform over a span of 24 hours. Added to this is the convenience of being able to use a discussion forum which has a rich knowledge base. Some of the best features of the platform include ability to get online in a fraction of a second, seamless control panel, flexibility, scalability and advanced uptime. Although, due to the absence of live chat support, some users feel that this platform is not good enough. Due to this, few people avoid going for this platform.


Conclusion – Best DigitalOcean Alternative

The options listed above are some of the most common DigitalOcean alternative hosting solutions. With their strong and unique features, they make up for some of the best options as DigitalOcean alternative, if you have to try something other than DigitalOcean.


Based on a number of factors, each of these options have been analysed and reported for their performance. One of the dominant options in this list is CloudWays, which certainly makes for a good choice in this list. The outstanding infrastructure of the cloud hosting platform makes it capable of handling all the data content that you could possibly need to host on a cloud.