Best Grammarly Alternative – Free and Paid Access

When it comes to an advanced, perfect and professional grammar checking tool, Grammarly sure has a stark image in the digital world. Since it offers a variety of functionalities, Grammarly is quite popular among budding writers and bloggers, who wish to check their content for every facet of writing. But others need Grammarly alternative since it is quite expensive. You can try the tool and check if it works for your requirements, by signing up for a free 7 day trial of the tool.


Grammarly is one of the trusted and highly recommended writing tool which is trusted by writers for checking various aspects of their written content, such as passive voice, structure of sentence dangling modifiers and more. These elements impact the readability grade of your content and improving the same will go down well with your readers and viewers.


When it comes to the ease of use, Grammarly finds active affection from users since the platform is seamless and enables the user to utilise multiple functionalities. This helps the user in delivering error free content, which is devoid of errors and is easily readable. The tool actively searches for errors and highlights them for fuss free correction.


Why do content creators make use of Grammarly?

Here are a few elements which are assessed by Grammarly when you run a check on the tool:

  • Errors in grammar, spellings and punctuation.
  • Choice of words
  • Sentence structure
  • Misplaced phases and words
  • Use of passive voice
  • Dangling modifiers
  • Plagiarism and more.


Here are some of the best benefits of using Grammarly:

  1. Helps you clean your content of any grammatical mistakes, spelling errors and punctuation mistakes.
  2. Quick suggestions for alternative words and phrases which could structure your content nicely
  3. Make your content free of any plagiarism.
  4. Helps in modifying structure of the sentences to polish them.
  5. Edit content for British English, Canadian English and more, as per your reading audience.
  6. Easy integration with Microsoft tools such as office and outlook
  7. Also available with a browser extension so that you are able to edit while you write. Indirectly, this saves you a lot of time and effort in checking your content for mistakes later on.


Why do people search for Grammarly alternative?

One of the major limitations of using Grammarly is that it requires an active internet connection at all times, to keep working. If you lose connection to the internet, the software will stop working as well.


Although Grammarly provides both, free and paid plans, the features offer with the free plan are fairly basic. You will be able to check your content for spelling errors, punctuation, and tenses but no more. To be able to use the paid plan, you will have to shell out a cost of $25 a month.


Let us get to know about some other worthwhile Grammarly alternative which you can use.


ProWritingAid (Free + Premium) – The best Grammarly Alternative

When it comes to Grammarly alternative, this is the first one to climb the list. This is mainly because of the features offered by the tool, which are almost analogous to Gramamarly.


Let us check how this one functions. By scanning your document, the tool presents 20 different types of errors and highlights for your convenience. After this, while editing the document, you will receive quick suggestions from the tool which speeds up the whole task for you. You can rely upon this tool for error detection in terms of writing style, grammar, use of words, repetitions, use of pronouns, dictations, alliteration, transition style and more. By covering all these bases for you, the tool provides a wholesome quality of output that lets you edit your work to perfection.


This review of ProWritingAid will help you understand the different uses and functions of the tool and how it will prove to be useful for your purpose.


Along with these functions, the tool also provides the functionality to develop and use a typical house style. Using this tool would mean that when you have multiple writers writing for a single platform, all of them would be able to scan their document for use of words and writing style to check what does not match with your typical house style. This feature ensures that the style is applied over all the drafts at once, without needing to go through each one of them individually.


If you make use of the free account of this tool, you will get access to most of the features of the tool but with the limitation of the word count which can be edited at a time.



The prices for using this tool vary between $70 and $240 for yearly and lifetime subscription respectively. You can register over here to get a discount on your purchase.


  1. Availability of free version
  2. Provision to obtain detailed report on every type of grammatical error
  3. Check how easy it is to read your content
  4. Easily navigate the platform for seamless use
  5. Obtain word suggestions through Thesaurus
  6. Quick support on all Windows and Mac devices
  7. Easy integration with MS word, Google Docs and chrome.


  1. Plagiarism tool can be used by premium users only
  2. If your content piece is quite long, a complete report generation process might take too long.


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Whitesmoke (Paid) – Features that made it Grammarly Alternative

The one added advantage of this tool over Grammarly is that it also provides an endless array of templates to work with, when you need to design your content. This comes in really handy when you need to create professional documents such as a resume, cover letter, report and more. All you require is your content and then, with these templates, you can give it an altogether new design.


Content creators often also need to make professional documents which are part of their job.


With the help of this tool, you can significantly improve the quality of your content piece and also avid plag errors. Other features such as checking for grammar, spelling mistakes, writing style suggestions and more are a given staple with this tool.


Looking for some additional features with this tool? Check WhiteSmoke Review here.

The software is designed to provide you with language translations for over 55 different languages with accuracy. Thus, it becomes quite convenient to communicate with international clients and gain wider reach with an international audience.


As might be clear to you by now, the main purpose of the software is to serve its customers with official work and communication. This is not just a tool that catches errors, but also makes suggestions for improving the writing style and polishes your work for a professional look. You can also make use of the tutorials provided with the tool to help your team members gain the benefit of professional writing.


The tool does not provide any free plans and you will have to pay a price to make use of the tool. Although, you can certainly avail a discount on the purchase of the tool over here.



For a yearly plan, you will have to pay $8.83 while for a 3 year payment, you will have to pay $2.78.


  1. The tool is available for Android and iOS devices
  2. The tool is compatible with all browsers
  3. The tool makes use of Statistical Machine Translation technology for translating the text in 55 different languages.
  4. The tool comes with an inbuilt plagiarism checker
  5. The interface is quite easy to use.


  1. The tool does not work without access to internet
  2. The tool offers only a paid plan


Get Access to WhiteSMoke Here


GingerSoftware (Free and paid) – Free tool became Grammarly Alternative

This tool comes with an in built grammar checking feature along with check on punctuations, and spellings so that you can edit your work while you write. Thus, users get the option of either writing their content on another document, or else, on the tool itself so that you can edit as you write. As per the claims of the creators of the tool, this tool can function same as a human editor, owing to the advanced grade features with which it is built.


Some of the notable features of the tool include a text reader which reads back the content to the user. Working with this will help you identify the mistakes and errors and whether your content has a good flow. You will be able to listen if the content is engaging enough for your readers and is worthy enough to make them stick around to read your content. The sophisticated reader reads back with a proper English accent that also helps you determine the right away to pronounce the words.


Same as Whitesmoke, the tool is proficient in translating the content into 50 different languages including Spanish, Japanese, German and more.


Another feature of this tool is the Sentence Rephraser, which helps you to structure the sentence again if it somehow does not sound right to you. By using advanced programming, the tool takes your sentence under consideration and saves your time which would have been consumed in going through a tool like dictionary or thesaurus. The tool is proficient in suggesting alternative to Grammarly that fit well with your content.


Yet another feature which is built within the tool is an ‘approve all’ button. This could potential save you a lot of time since you will not have to go through each and every modification and make all the suggested changes instantly.


However, it is advisable that one should make use of this feature with caution because no matter how far these editors might function like human editors, they still continue to be a software. Due to the context of your content, some of the changes suggested by the software may not be in line with the structure of the content. Hence, you should make use of this tool carefully.



The price of this tool varies from $12.48 for annual plan and $29.96 for a monthly plan. You can pick a huge discount on your purchase of the tool by clicking here.


  1. The tool is compatible with Windows and Mac platform
  2. The tool also provides a free plan
  3. Store your content on the cloud using this platform
  1. The tool does not come with a plagiarism checking feature
  2. Only few features available with the free version


Use Ginger Software Free with Chrome


PaperRater (Free  and Paid)  – Cheap Grammarly Alternative

With this tool, you can get apt suggestions for correct word usage, spell check, punctuation check and grammar assessment. Same as Grammarly, this tool also provides ability to check for plagiarism. A tad bit of limitation with the free version of the tool is that it will display only the percentage of the copied content and not the actual version of the copied lines.


The editing can only be done on the website and users will not be able to download any special plugins or extensions to make use of the tool. For the free version, user will not need to create an account. With the free version, you will be able to submit a maximum of 5 page worth of content while the limit is 20 in case of paid version.


Although this tool used to be quite popular at one point, users have reported repeated glitches with the features and functions of this tool. It seems that the tool has not been updated for quite some time now and hence it is not performing well.



The cost of the tool starts at $14.95 for a month and $95.40 for a year.


  1. No need to install any plugins or extensions
  2. No need to create an account
  3. For premium users, plagiarism can also be checked
  4. Apt feedback on vocabulary.
  1. User interface can prove to be very complex for some user
  2. Only accessible on website
  3. With the premium option as well, users can submit only a limited number of pages for editing.


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Hemingway Editor (Free and Paid) – Grammarly alternative without signup

For once, this editor is a shift from the usual tools that we have talked about. The tool is focused more upon the reading aspect of your content. Some of the few elements which it assesses your write up for, are adverbs, length of sentence, use of passive voice and more. Expect your sentences to be shortened and broken down in smaller chunks if you are making use of this tool. While this improves the scope of reading for the average user, it may also pose problem when you are trying to write something in minute details.


Take for example a blog which includes a lot of scientific terms and explanations. For obvious reasons, this one will perform rather poorly on the tool while it may not necessarily be a poorly written piece of content.


For this reason, it is recommended that this one should not be used quite often. The editor is not programmed to understand the loss that it will cause to the value of the content in the name of editing.



To download the app, you need to pay a one time fee of $19.99. Some of the features of the app can also be used free of cost.


  1. Clean and easy to use interface for convenience of users
  2. Does not need an internet connection to operate
  3. For the average user, it improves the readability score
  4. Updated app provides detailed suggestions
  1. Might not suit a technically written blog or article
  2. Storytelling is not possible with this tool
  3. Too little attention given to grammatical errors
  4. The app is only available on desktop


Use Hemingwayapp Online Free


Conclusion – Which one is the best Grammarly Alternative?

From user ratings and reviews, it can be said that ProwritingAid is one of the best alternative to Grammarly. For a creator, this is the best option because it gives a replete performance that analyses every aspect of your written content. By checking your written style and tone, it will maintain consistency in your content and ensure that it turns out to be the best among all.

You can enjoy a free trial of ProWritingAid by clicking here.

If you also have a Grammarly alternative, feel free to share it with us.