AWS Alternatives for Best Hosting Service

Amazon offers a splendid feature with its AWS, expanded as the Amazon web services. It is this cloud offering by the Amazon which has over the years managed to grab eyeballs all over the world. If you have ever tried to open a cloud hosting account with the help of AWS, you would know that it is AWS that offers customers like you with a wide array of options for hosting, a reliable data centre infrastructure and attractive rates for monthly services which are also available by the hour.


At the same time, it also offers a 24 hour, anytime, anywhere, support system, which is run by some of the most experienced professionals in the information technology sector. So, all of your issues, queries and complaints are resolved instantly.


However, it is worth giving it a thought as to what happens if being an Amazon AWS cloud service member as well doesn’t serve your requisite purpose? In case you require better and more personalised services, at a reasonable cost backed with an equally good hosting option, what will you do? In this scenario, you might need to turn to a better option, which serves your purpose as well as AWS but at the benefits and the price that you need.


So, to help you with the same, we have come up with some of the best and the leading cloud hosting services that you can turn to! Please know these listed hosting services are in no particular order of preference, so you can opt for any of them based on the listed details mentioned by us below.


Best AWS Alternatives for Hosting services are:


Digital Ocean –The best AWS Alternative

First in our list is the DigitalOcean. The droplet service offered by DigitalOcean is largely scalable, as per the needs of the user. If you think that this service is only about functioning through a virtual machine, then you may be wrong. Check DigitalOcean review for more details. DigitalOcean is in fact a cloud platform, which offers multiple benefits, including add on storage, capability to monitor and added security so that the application may be able to run smoothly.


DigitalOcean has been touted to be one of the trusted servers in list of AWS alternative. The platform is quite popular, being currently spread over 12 data centres and serving the requirements of one million plus developers all across the globe. Setting up an account at Digital Ocean is one of the easiest tasks for a developer. The platform offers various pre-paid plans for users, starting with option for 1 GB, and going up to 1 TB worth of monthly data transfers.


Features of the DigitalOcean vs AWS

With a platform like DigitalOcean, you get access to a variety of features like:

  • Multiple options for load balancers, block storage and object storage.
  • Wide user based emerging from more than 195 countries
  • 8 different and trusted global data centres
  • Multiple options for hosting packages from which choice can be made
  • Option to deploy custom image or simply a one click app
  • Based on business needs, user has the option to choose from Standard plans and performance plans
  • Reliably integrated with solid state drives plus networking of 40 GB.


Google Cloud – The robust AWS alternative

Next, we have the Google Cloud. Known as one of the most robust, flexible and cost effective hosting solutions to the world. Google Cloud has been on the rise to fame in the recent years. At first glance, you might find Google cloud to be just as complex and intricate at AWS itself. However, all it needs is a slight effort and then, it is good to go for even a small scale developer.


The performance of the cloud services of Google is quite commendable. For a business user, Google Cloud might even be the preferred solution to his data needs. Ranking among the few top companies around the world, even Google Cloud has its data centres spread across multiple regions.


Hence this is a  As a household name in the field of information technology and solutions, there could possibly be no other company out there which takes security as seriously as Google. With strong protocols and an even stronger commitment to security of the users, the cloud platform incorporates the leading security protocols set in place by advanced professionals.


Features of the Google Cloud vs AWS

Here are some of the incredible features of the Google Cloud that you can look forward in AWS alternative:

  • Low cost in comparison to other platforms
  • One of the best performing solutions for developers
  • Provision for strong security modules which adds a layer of protection to the cloud system
  • Complete assistance and performance by expert professionals ensures that no hurdles are faced by the user
  • Data security in the form of multiple data centres located at a number of locations all across the globe.


SiteGround Cloud – The Cloud Based AWS Alternative

With a few more years to go before it completes two decades of its launch, SiteGround Cloud is a name which is known for its quality and excellent support services to customers. One of the major reasons why this platform is preferred is due to its zero downtime. This information is confirmed based on various SiteGround Reviews.


For someone who wants to host their websites on a trustworthy platform and a reasonable cost, this could be the perfect pick.


A stark feature of SiteGround ensures that a developer is free to give attention to his website and apps while fixing his it at operating issues and technical stuff that is quite time consuming. The inclusion of cPanel also makes the platform quite easy to operate. At the same time, they are also built with ultra smooth SSD servers and Linux containers which are extremely lightweight. The platform owns data centres at 4 different locations including USA, Netherland, Singapore and UK.


With SiteGround, you can choose your own custom made plan, which can be launched at your requirement. Another remarkable feature of this platform handles sudden spikes in traffic through an auto scaling feature which not only allows you to add more resources to your account but also takes care of your presence while you are away.


Features of the SiteGround Cloud vs AWS

Here are some of the more reliable features of SiteGround Cloud which make it an indispensable and a perfect AWS alternative:

  • Cloud environment which is easy to manage without any hassle.
  • Equipped with a free of cost cPanel which helps in managing cloud instances.
  • Avail a free backup and restoration tool.
  • Work with a dedicated IP address and obtain free SSL certificate.
  • Get the best customer support services in the industry.


DreamHost – The cheap AWS Alternative

Functioning since 1997, DreamHost has been in the business of providing a variety of hosting services to its customers. Having such a long term standing in the market, it is known that customers have obtained the best experience. One of the most notable features of their service and sharing based hosting plans is that it is here that you will find the most extended 97 day long money return assurance.


As compared to other AWS alternative, the infrastructure and platform of DreamHost cannot be said to be as large. However, the packages offered by the platform are one of the most attractive and customer friendly. From the perspective of a developer, it can be said that the platform is filled with features for their benefit along with ample support for advanced users who can choose to operate out of Windows or Linux based platforms. Users are also able to upload a custom Linux distribution system or choose one from the already uploaded options on DreamHost.


If there are a few reasons why DreamHost might not be popular AWS alternative, it might relate to the scalability options at the platform. With a capacity of only 8 GB, and 3 different plans, you might have to go for something else if you need to plan something larger than that. However, the fast networking capability of the platform is a big plus that cannot be overlooked, along with its developer friendly features and options that add an element of flexibility for the user. The support service of the platform is quite commendable with an all-round email support.


Features of the DreamHost vs AWS

Here are a few features of the DreamHost which make it one of the finest AWS alternative:

  • Strongly recommended by WordPress
  • Some of the most economic and affordable hosting plans
  • Up to 100 GB of free block storage and free bandwidth
  • Complete root access with added control for OS installations.


Cloudways – The Best AWS Alternative

For some developers and users, the technical aspect of AWS can be bit too much. If you don’t want to get into the hassle yourself and are only moderately bothered by the cost aspect, then this is a good option for you. With Cloudways, you can host any website or application on a platform such as Amazon, Google, and more. For this reason, this tool has been touted to be amongst the AWS alternatives for users who do not wish to enter too many intricate details with AWS.




The seamless and user friendly platform makes use of one installer apps so that you can manage and host on the cloud with ease. The platform has been in built with a number of tweaks for quick performance, such as Nginx, Varnish and more. All the resources of the app are highly scalable with storage capacity which can be enhanced with the use of block storage.


Users can choose from 25+ locations at which the data centres of the cloud platform are located. Dedicated security and security patches make this platform one of the most sought after for beginners. Check Cloudways Review for more details.


Features of the Cloudways vs AWS

Here are some of the features of the Cloudways platform that makes it superior to the AWS:

  • Easiest and most reliable way to get managed cloud service storage with leading platforms.
  • Get a trial account for up to 3 days. Setup Now.
  • All round availability and live chat for quick support
  • Avail free system monitoring services and security patches along with an SSL certificate.
  • Advanced cache system built in with system


Microsoft Azure – The Last AWS Alternative of list.

Azure is one of the first few cloud computing platforms which as launched by Microsoft in the year of 2010 in the month of February. Speaking on a functional term, the platform is an open sourced cloud platform with flexible features and options which help users in the development activities. Along with this, it also offers the features of data storage, service management and solutions for hosting successfully.


Features of the Microsoft Azure vs AWS

Here are some of the remarkable features of Microsoft Azure which puts in the list of the best AWS alternative:

  • Microsoft Azure for Windows is one of the most extensive solutions to various data needs.
  • With this cloud platform, you also get the option to build scalable, flexible and cost effective solutions
  • Get the benefit of consistency across multiple clouds and tools and resources of a familiar format
  • Scale all available IT resources up and beyond as per the needs of your business.


Conclusion – Which is the best hosting service provider?

For someone who is just starting out, it can be a trick question to ascertain which cloud server should they use. With zero or less knowledge of this field, they might end up making the wrong choice and choose a hefty package that costs them a bomb.


As someone who is just starting out in the field, CloudWays is one of the best options to go with. With ample technical support and all round assistance, you will have no problem in working with this platform. Moreover, the features and the pricing offered by the CloudWays certainly make it a fine pick for all.




Now, having known all the possible options for AWS alternative, which one do you think will suit your requirement the best? Do let us know in the comments below!